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The Nice Travel Diary: Èze

Alright, so it's not strictly Nice, but how could we not take a trip to the gorgeous village of Èze? My parents had told me so many stories of the beautiful haven filled with cobble stoned walkways and picturesque views of the Mediterranean, and so obviously I was thrilled to explore the place. It took us a little over half an hour to get to it from Nice, although this did include several stops to take in the scenery on the way. Èze is located high up on a mountain right by the French Riviera, and as our visit was right in the middle of July, the village was soaked in the Mediterranean sun.

There were loads of cute little art galleries hidden in the walls and it gave the place a whole new authentic, artsy vibe. My parents first came here 20 years ago, and so I expected it to be a little ruined from tourism, but I was more than happy to find out that this was not the case.

If you ever get the chance to explore this little place I would definitely recommend you do! Besides the plethora of photo opportunities, there are also lots of cute little cafes, all of which were decently priced. Èze, you completely stole my heart.

Zazie x
Èze, France