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The Nice Travel Diary: Le 16 Juillet

Here comes the second installment of my Nice Travel Diary, however this one's a little less picturesque and a little more thoughtful...

Although the 16th of July marks a day of liberty and equality throughout France (as this is the French national day, also known as Bastille Day), the date also holds a sad meaning for those in Nice, as it was exactly a year ago that the terrorist attacks took place. Our holiday in Nice happened to overlap with this day, and so we were able to see just how an attack can affect a place. On the anniversary of the attacks there was a notable sombre energy throughout the city, as people remembered the awful event that happened a year earlier. As my family and I walked a long the promenade we noticed a number of tributes for those that lost their life. Most prominently, white roses were scattered throughout, and many messages were written in rememberance.

Whoever kills an innocent, it is as if he has killed all humankind — Quran 5:32
Events like the ones that happened in Nice are truly terrible, and like everyone else I hope no one will have to experience such terror. I truly wish anyone, wherever they are in the world, whatever they believe in or look like, can have the ability to live on this earth without fear or hatred. On days like this we must remember and commemorate one's we've lost, but as sometimes cheesy and it repetitive as it sounds, we must remember that love will always win.

Zazie x
Nice, France