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• A Different Take On A Festive Nail •

The one colour that I just don't like wearing is red. Whether it's on my lips or my tips I just don't feel comfortable as I think the colour doesn't suit me and seems to wash me out a bit. So when it comes to the festive season I do find it hard to add a festive touch to a look, as most humans would lean towards a red shade. However, a colour that I've found to suit me a lot is a dark plum shade. I've been looking for a dark nail polish after my Jack Wills Limited Edition one from a few years ago ran out - and I think I've found the one.

• Little Pot Of Rings •

When it comes to jewellery on an everyday basis, I simply cannot be bothered. Deciding what matches and what metals look good together is just not for me, but I do love the look of rings for special occasions.

• Nars Brush Dupes •

I'm sure we all dreaming of owning Nars brushes, but a lot of us simply can't afford to splurge 30-something pounds on one brush. This is where bornpretty comes in. When they initally contacted me for review, I was a little hesitant as scrolling through their website the significantly cheap prices did make me question to quality of their products. But, as a self-professed risk taker, I decided to choose a few products to try.

• Cacti & Blog Chat •

My desk/dressing table was looking a little messy so I decided to give it a good tidy and put these three little cacti on it. Apart from that the last couple of weeks have been mainly me studying as the final week of school approaches, but I must admit most of that time has been spent procrastinating.

• The Playlist #4 •

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I really do enjoy having series' on the blog, and one that is one of my favourites are my playlist posts. I love music and I love sharing my picks with you guys. As always, a lot of these are old favourites, but they're still worth a listen, and might bring back some old memories.

• The Mascara Dilemma •

I'll save all my apologies for not posting as you've heard my excuses a few too many times, but I'm back - and that's all that matters right? I've been wanting to talk about a new mascara I've been using for a while, because it's definitely become one of my favourites.

• A Sheerer, Milkier Fiji •

Now that the autumn months have rolled over I feel like I had to move aside my much used (and loved) Essie polish in Fiji that was painted on my nails for the majority of summer and post-summer months and bring on a more season appropriate shade. But, instead of going for those almost-black shades I decided to ease in with more of a nude colour. And I'm sure it's just coincidence that it's quite similar to Fiji..

• What's On My Face #5 •

It's bacckkk! It's been a while, but I decided to make another FOTD style post, as they really are one of my favourites to write. I haven't been changing up my makeup too much for autumn, but I do have a look I wanted to share with you all. (And I promise; I'll try to make a smokier look with a darker lip soon!)

• The 90's Nude Lip •

We've all seen the horrors of the nineties lip fashion; brown lip liners paired with a concealer looking lip colour, but some gals did pull it off more subtly. I've never been much of a nude lip wearing person - if I want to go natural, I go sheer - but recently for some reason I've been wearing it a ton and I realised how versatile it is. I think a brown nude can be quite scary and only suit some, but after trying it myself I realised it doesn't actually look that bad.

• A BB Cream Good For The Skin •

Recently I've been noticing that when I'm wearing foundation (not a very often occasion), it doesn't seem to sit right. All of them seem to be going a little bit patchy and sticking to parts of my face and I have no idea why. I wanted to try out something a little lighter, and although the whole BB/CC mimic hasn't really caught up with me, I thought I might as well give one a try.

• The Checked Shirt •

I haven't seen Winter in over two years, but I must admit - I do miss it. Maybe not so much the cold, but I love throwing on a pair of jeans and a jumper and be all snug and good to go. But we don't have Winter here in Singapore, so I must deal with it.

• Back To Basics •

On days when my makeup just isn't going well, I know I can always count on my firm favourites. One of these being, my Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette. I think I've talked about this a few too many times, but it's a cult favourite that deserves every ounce of hype.

• Back To Basics •

On days when my makeup just isn't going well, I know I can always count on my firm favourites. One of these being, my Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette. I think I've talked about this a few too many times, but it's a cult favourite that deserves every ounce of hype.

• Rimmel Do Bases •

Only recently I've discovered how much I really appreciate a good base. Whether it's natural and sheer or full and flawless, I like to use a couple of products to achieve either look. And my favourites, annoyingly, are all from Rimmel, a brand we can't actually get here in Singapore, but here they are!

• The Wishlist #5: Urban Outfitters' Wonderland •

If theres one website I could spend hours browsing, it's probably Urban Outfitters. From their interiors to their clothes it's all perfect, and so many of them have made their way onto my wishlist. Sadly, we don't have an Urban Outfitters in Singapore, which is actually probably for the better as I would go wild in there. I also love finding and browsing through interiors and little knick knacks to go in my future dwelling. So of course I went ahead and made a little collage of my favourites from UO's new interior Wonderland trend (here).

• L'Oreal EverCrème •

One step I really despise is washing my hair. I try to avoid it as much as possible, and combined with the fact my hair never gets greasy, I only wash it every three days (bad I know). For today's pos however, I'm going to talk about a conditioner that I've been using recently.

• A Year Of Blogging •

I can't believe it's been a year since I set foot on this journey of blogging, so to say. I remember taking my first blog photo with my iPhone at 8 o'clock in the evening with awful lighting and editing it with sparkles (true story). I remember typing up my first post on my phone and feeling a thrill of excitement when I hit 'publish'. I still feel that little bit of excitement now, which makes it all worth it. A year a long the way, 150 posts and some 500 followers later brings us to now. A lot has changed since then, and I've learned a lot on the way. I care a lot more about the quality of my posts, and I don't think I'd love blogging as much as I do if it wasn't for you lot, as I really do appreciate every comment, tweet, etc. 

• The Lip Product Addict Tag •

I never really do "Tags" on here, but I thought I'll do this one as I was tagged by the lovely Ella. Check out her version of this tag here! I think this tag was started by essiebutton and Amelia Liana, so I'm delighted to share my answers too.

• It's Kind Of A Funny Story •

I don't often right posts about books, but I'm really enjoying this one right now. I watched the film version of it a while ago and I really enjoyed it, so I wanted to pick up the book to read.

• Brows, Brows, Brows •

If theres one makeup step I dislike the most, and find the hardest, it's eyebrows. Unfortunately I'm not naturally blessed with bold, dark eyebrows, but white blonde ones. Although they do have some thickness to them, the lack of colour makes them very hard to work with.

• The Autumnal Lip •

Now that it's coming up to autumn, I'm beginning to change little steps in my makeup routine, and one of these is lips. I'm not one for dark purples or browns, but I do think I can get away with it in the coming season.

• The Playlist #3 •

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I decided to create another playlist post, as I do enjoy sharing my song picks with you, and I've been listening to a ton of new songs after summer. As always, it's a mix of old favourites and new ones, so I hope you enjoy!

• Alexiares & Ani •

I've always wanted to try out a local skincare brand, and so when I heard about Alexiares & Ani I knew I wanted to try some stuff. They very kindly sent me some products to try out, so I thought I'd share my thoughts on them with you. It is a Singapore based brand, so any of you not living here, you sadly won't be able to get their products, but hopefully some of my Singaporean readers will find this helpful. It uses no nasty ingredients and the website can be found here.

• The Crease Combo •

Most of us have a signature eye look, and although I thought I didn't have one, there is one step that I never miss out - whether I'm going for a full on smokey eye, or keeping it very "au naturel".

• The Slouchy Tee •

I think all of us prefer comfort over style, and I love getting all cozy and slouchy in some trackies and a hoodie, but living in Singapore, you kind of have to interpret this. I picked up this cropped baggy t-shirt from H&M the other day, and I've been getting a ton of use out of it.

• The Perfect Base •

If you read my last What's On My Face edit, you would have heard me talk about loving the look and feel of a sheerer foundation with a heavy duty concealer, and today I'm going to touch on the subject again.

• One Toner, Many Benefits •

Toner was always a step I missed out in my skincare routine, purely because I couldn't be bothered. I also didn't see much use to it and just made me want to wash it off, especially when I didn't like the scent - I'm looking at you Rose Water. But, a while ago I picked up a slightly different toner, and it's a good one!

• What's On My Face #4 •

I hope you aren't sick of these posts yet, but I must admit they are one of my favourites to do. Today's look incorporates the two products I reviewed in my last post (linked here), as I didn't add in any swatches. It's a very rose gold/pink look, that I think anyone can pull off. I'm all about simple and subtle, but I hope you like it!

• A Little NYX Haul •

NYX is a brand where i've either loved something, or hated it. The matte lip cream was not for me, whereas I love the Frou Frou Mascara as well as the blushers. I've been meaning to try some more because it is quite an affordable brand, and so I decided to take a little trip to Sephora.

• Thoughts On Blogging •

You may have noticed the lack of posting combined with the several apologies for just that. I've been quite uninspired on the blog front lately, and I've seen people share their thoughts on the subject. I do like to go by the phrase 'Quality over quantity', as I do prefer to read a well written post accompanied by a good quality picture rather than a ton of average ones. But somehow I still manage to feel guilty after posting only once a week. When I'm happy with my content I generally feel happier in real life, which sounds a little weird, but I'm sure other bloggers will understand.

• The Not-So Neutral Palette •

When it comes to eyeshadows, it's not often I step away from the neutrals. Colours are just not me - it's already a big step to wear a bright lip these days - and I'm comfortable in my colour free zone. But, it's always nice to try something a little more daring, and although this is classified as a neutral palette, there's something about it that seems a little more out there than the Nakeds from Urban Decay for example.

• The Wishlist #4: Summer Edition •

I completely forgot about this one, but technically summer isn't over yet so I thought I might as well squeeze it in. This summer I just wanted to enjoy it with friends and family, and although I did take a couple of shopping trips, over all I didn't buy too much.

• The Ultimelt •

The one part of my skincare routine that I truly do not look forward to, is removing my makeup. To me it just seems like a chore and not at all a luxury like other parts of my routine. But, it has to be done, and so I do look for different ways to do so so I can switch it up from time to time.

• A New Happy Light Addition •

If you've been here a long time, you know that I really like Bourjois Happy Light Concealer. I've seen other products from the range, but have never been too intrigued or interested in them. But, I was on the search for a non-silicon primer - I do like my Baby Skin and Smashbox option, but they just don't make the cut completely.

• The Product To Messy, Beachy Hair •

When it comes to hair, my number one style is beachy waves. Because my hair is so thick and frizzy it's almost impossible to straighten. These days I don't even brush my hair anymore (might sound weird to some people), but my hair is naturally quite curly/wavy - the pictures above are all my natural hair texture.

• Bits & Bobs •

During my recent trip back home, I couldn't resist going to Boots and picking up some goodies. Makeup and Skincare in general is so much cheaper in the UK, plus we don't have Rimmel in Singapore so I knew I was going to buy a couple of things.

• The Brow Gel NOT For Blondes •

I'm talking about natural blondes. Like light blondes with very light (invisible?) eyebrows ie. me. Being naturally blonde and having very blonde eyebrows it is so hard to find eyebrow products that give colour but not too much colour. I also don't want my eyebrows looking red or verging on ginger.