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• Best of: January •

Now that we've gotten into 2014, i've decided that i am going to reflect back on each month- not too emotionally, but just catch you guys up with some of my favourite (and your favourite) posts of the month. Occasionally i might let you guys in on some exciting things that may have happened in the month, but January has been pretty normal i guess. Anyway, back to this post!

• Dry Lip Saviours •

I know a lot of you will probably, like me, suffer from dry and chapped lips during the colder months. Obviously, one of the main things to do is moisturise your lips, so i thought i'd share with you my favourite lip balms for the colder months.

• Makeup Bag Essentials •

I quite often go on sleepovers or stay over at people's houses, and i always like to bring a small amount of my makeup with me. I normally just throw in random stuff, but i've noticed that i always seem to bring these few products every time. I wouldn't say these were products i couldn't live without, or makeup-i'd-bring-to-the-desert but these are really good products that i tend to bring.

• The Repurchase #1 •

It is no secret that people finish the products they love pretty quickly, including me. I went through the Body Shop's Satsuma Body Polish  much much faster than i expected, so i had to run back to the Body Shop to buy another one because i was honestly in love (as you can probably tell from the poor condition my old one is in..) I'm not going to lie, one of my favourite things about this is the amazing zesty satsuma scent which you immediately notice when you open it. However, it is also a really good scrub that i like to use as a shower gel, as it is foaming and the scent lingers quite long on your skin. It also makes my skin feel nice and smooth, and is quite a gentle scrub, and at £10 i think i will repurchase this in the future aswell! 

Zazie. x

• Maybelline Lip Polishes / Colour Elixirs •

I've seen people talk about these for a while now, and Maybelline very kindly sent me four of them to try out. Here in Singapore they are called 'Lip Polishes', but i know that in the US they are called the 'Colour Elixirs'. These are basically meant to have the pigmentation of a lipstick, be glossy and moisturising and quite frankly, they're all three. These also last a really long time, and i'm honestly really impressed with them! The pigmentation varies from the different shades, but i don't really mind this as i like to have a sheer lip aswell as a bold one. These aren't sticky at all and still look really glossy on the lip. It does have a bit of an odd brush, but it actually helps for a more precise look.. So let's get to the shades!

• The Classic Read •

I often find myself spending hours on end reading blogposts or watching vlogs on youtube- which is great, but i sometimes just love to sit down with a good book. This is one of them. I've literally grown up with About A Boy, because it's my parent's favourite book/movie, so i always watched the film to it, but i realised i've never read the book. The book is definitely just as good if not better than the film and it's just a really heart-warming story. If you've never heard of About A Boy, it's basically about a 12 Year Old boy and a man who teach each other to stay young (or grow up!), it's just generally a really nice story and i would highly recommend you read it. And as you can tell, this book is very well loved!

Zazie x

• My Top 3 Liquid Liners •

I've never really been much of a liquid-liner type of person. A lot of the times liquid eyeliners are either far too hard to handle (ie. flimsy tips) or don't last very long on me. These three however, definitely make the cut for me.

• The Liebster Blog Awards! •

I've seen these awards go around for a while now, so when Lauren nominated me, i was so so grateful! The Liebster Awards were made to promote small/new blogs that have under 200 followers. I really think this is a great idea, as i know so many small bloggers that really deserve so much more recognition. 

The rules are simple:
-You must link back to the person who nominated you
-You must answer the 11 questions given by the nominee before you
-You pick 11 nominees with under 200 followers to answer your questions
-You cannot nominate the person who nominated you
-You must tell the nominees that they have been nominated

• Fresh New Makeup Look // Collab with Samantha •

Because it's the new year, Samantha (a fellow beauty blogger) and I decided to both create fresh new makeup looks, using the Naked 3 Palette, as i know a lot of you probably bought it or received it over Christmas. I decided to keep it quite simple, and trying to use minimal products. Remember to go check out Samantha's makeup look, which is linked here. 

• The Nail Colour You Can't Go Wrong With •

When it comes to nail polish, i feel like i always go back to this one, as the colour is just so versatile and perfect for all the time- whatever the occasion. Although this isn't technically a colour, this will go with simply everything- any outfit, any occasion! I was obsessed with this pure white nail polish over the summer, and when the winter months came in i got it out again- like snow, right? In my opinion everyone should have a white nail polish in their lives, as i can assure you, you will get a lot of use out of it. You can even jazz it up a but by trying out a bit of nail art on top of it, if you are feeling a bit fancy!

• The Brush: Urban Decay vs. Real Techniques •

I've never really done a comparison post before, but i guess there is a first to everything! Today i'm going to be comparing two brushes, one drugstore and one high end. Both of these are great foundation brushes, especially good for buffing in. The first one is the Real Techniques Buffing Brush, which comes in the Real Techniques Core Collection. I must admit that this is pretty much the only brush from the collection that i get really good use out of. They do have another similar brush in the line, the Expert Face Brush, but it is quite different. The Buffing Brush is a wide circular brush that widens at the end. It has a slight dome edge which really helps to buff in your foundation. This is great for powder aswell, as the top of the bristles are quite flat. The other brush is the Urban Decay Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush. The first thing i notice about this brush is the weight of the handle, which is pretty heavy. To be honest i like this, because it feels like you have a lot more grip and control when you're using it. The actual brush is a lot more dense than the Real Techniques one, so you get a lot more coverage from it too. 

• A Whole Lotta Body Shop Luurrve! •

The Body Shop is a shop that i always find so intriguing and most of the products i've purchased from there i've been relatively pleased with. And when i went in the other day, and they were having a big sale on, i thought it would be rude not to pick up a couple of things..

• Current Skincare Loves •

Recently i've been trying out a lot new skincare products, so i thought i'd show you my current faves.  The first thing i've been loving is the Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter (£12).  The minute this came out i wanted to get my hands on it, as apparently it is a dupe for the Emma Hardie one.  I must admit i haven't tried that one, the price tag scares me, but i've always loved the idea of it- makeup will seamlessly melt away- ahh! Although when i first dipped my finger in this, it felt a tad on the greasy side, it honestly is so easy to remove makeup. It also leaves my face feeling nice and cleansed. Also, the camomile scent is hardly noticeable, so that's not an issue at all. If you are thinking of getting this i would highly recommend you do, as for £12, it's definitely a winner for me!

• The Perfect Leather Boots •

Although i do know Winter doesn't exist here in Singapore, i had to buy some shoes, or boots to wear in Hong Kong for Christmas. And these were perfect. These ankle boots from Topshop are a really pretty beige colour and have a slight heel. They are a lovely leather material and have zips on both sides. And the best part of it, they were in the sale! I'm not entirely sure how much they cost originally, or how much i paid for them, but i did find a pair similar to these on their website (link here) I think these would be perfect for cold-er weather, but maybe not for the snow as they don't have any insulators in them... 

Do you like these boots? 

Zazie x

• Benefit They're Real! Mascara •

Benefit They're Real Mascara // £19.50 (full size)

For christmas my sister got me a little black box and filled it with loads of really nice presents, which i wasn't expecting at all. The first thing she got me was a mini of the They're Real! Mascara from Benefit. I've never really tried much from Benefit, but this was on my list, with their boxed bronzers and blushes, etc. I kind of knew i was going to like it, as my favourite mascara, which is The Rocket from Maybelline looks really similar to this one. This mascara honestly volumes and lengthens my lashes without feeling clumpy at all. It also doesn't smudge at all and the wand really helps to curl the lashes and get into the inner corner of the eye. I would definitely say this mascara is worth the hype, although i do think The Rocket mascara is quite similar, and a lot cheaper too!

Have you tried this mascara?

Zazie x