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Blue Stripes, Red Lips

Blue, White and Red. An aesthetic that no one can deny just works. The Kimchi Blue Lilyanna Linen Button-Down Dress comes in four different patterns and this blue and white striped one is the perfect addition to any holiday wardrobe. I was lucky enough to visit Nice in France this summer, and I knew that I'd want to be sporting those exact three shades on my venture along the Mediterranean.

Besides the obvious love for the pattern, I also love the fit of this dress. It's got some light lining along the boob-age area giving some support and coverage, meaning no bra is necessary. (Realistically, any time the temperature passes about 25 degrees, you will not catch me wearing one). The shape of the dress is also really pretty. It almost looks like a romper / playsuit, yet it's got the wonderful breezy flow of a dress.

And, to top off the blue, white, red aesthetic, I added a pop of red on my lips and nails and voilà! My french feeling holiday look is complete. 

The sunglasses I'm wearing here I got a couple years back from Urban as well, and a similar pair can be found here. And of course, no tourist is summer ready without a good pair of Toms. These are just plain black, although I think this dress would look great with a pair of espadrilles too!

Zazie x