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• Three From Rimmel •

All good things come in threes. And Rimmel is no exception. It isn't an unknown fact that I'm a big fan of Rimmel and most of their products. They're affordable, easily accessable and hardly ever disappoint, and so here's a lowdown of three of my everyday essentials.

• An Autumnal Outfit ft. Farfetch •

Today I'm back with a fashion post -- finally! A website called Farfetch reached out to me and a few other bloggers to ask us to put together an outfit that would be suitable for the autumn season using items from their website. As some of you know this will be my first winter in a few years and so I was excited to do this. I decided to use a statement designer dress as the main piece, and accessorise around that and i looove the finished look so I hope you guys do too!

• Brightening Concealers and Why They Rock •

Personally, I'm not the highlighter sort of girl. Although I love an inner corner highlight, I find all my highlighters are just too shimmery for my brow bone or cheek bones, especially for everyday. And so I like turning towards brightening concealers. These are great for making you look more awake, as well as help give you a subtle contour. And if you have a foundation that's too dark? Just use some brightening concealer!

• A New Start •

Hello readers or fellow bloggers! It's been a while - a full four months if you want the facts - and a lot has changed for me. I'm not going to give you all any excuses for why I've been away, as I've gone on about the blogging situation in several posts in the past, but I've generally had a lot of life changes within the last few months. 

• Three Step Face •

In general, I like taking my time with my makeup, however, when it comes to everyday when I have an option between doing my makeup nicely or having an extra ten minutes of sleep I usually go for the latter. This is my three product routine that I like to slap on that doesn't make me look like I've fallen out of bed and had a zombie attack on my way to school.

• Another One Wash Shade •

Some of you old readers might remember my first post like this talking about the NARS Mykonos Cream Eyeshadows. To quickly summarise, I talked about how easy it was to just wash across the lid and make it look like a complete look, and since then I've been looking for a shade like it.

• The Sponge vs. The Brush •

When it comes to base application, I like having my choices. I have a variety of different brands and formulas of brushes that all help my foundation to look a certain way I like. I've always been a buffingbrush-esque girl and haven't ever tried anything else, but I decided to give something new a try.

• Best of the Blonde Brows •

Last year was definitely the brow year for me. Back in 2013, I didn't even know blonde eyebrow products existed and I wouldn't go near anything brow related. 2014 came and so did the many attempts at making my eyebrows look less non-existent, yet still natural, and nicely shaped. I must admit, I've gone through some not so good brow moments, from looking ginger, way too thick or simply unnatural *cough cough* here *cough cough*. Moving on! Let's just say it took me a while to find the right products but I finally think I've found some that I am satisfied with...

• Hello 2015 •

We're already a week into 2015, how did that happen?! I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for what has been a great year and I hope this one's as good as the last. I hit a big 700 followers here on the blog and I feel like I've grown a lot as a person.