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Reflecting On The End Of Summer

I know technically summer lasts until the end of September, but going back to school is really the final step towards the end of the warmth of the past couple of months. This summer has been truly amazing for me. I've travelled to lots of lovely places (see some of them here), visited friends and family, and also enjoyed just chilling at home in New York, which is something I like to do more than often, as I really don't want to take this wonderful city for granted.

A Californian Throwback

As the summer is drawing to a close, I thought it would be only fitting to share some sunny lovin' photos with you all. Granted, these were taken back during Spring Break this year, but the ocean blue is enough to make me reminisce over the warm weather of California, and make me lust for the summer to last just a couple more months.
California, USA

The Origins Duo

Over the years my skincare routine has become very repetitive and mundane, nonetheless in a good way. I've pretty much streamlined my products down to three simple ones that I know work for me (more on that beautiful trio in another post), however when I receive some products for special occasions such as a birthday or christmas, there's obviously no doubt that I'll give them a whirl. I've had these two moisturizers in my collection for a while, but due to my aforementioned routine, I never got round to trying them out until recently.

A Love For Gingham

© Urban Outfitters
Trends come and go all the time, yet this simple print always seems to be floating around. Although I love wearing stripes, there is something about gingham thats just a little more interesting. The classic black and white means it can be styled in so many ways -- I often add a pop of colour (based off my previous post, you'd probably guess that red is my go-to right now), or keep the monochrome look in tact with a pair of black or white jeans or shoes. Of course you can spice things up with colourful gingham, but I don't think I'm quite there yet.

The Importance of Giving Back

Living in New York City is hard. Yes, being surrounded by the stereotypical "rich kids" of Manhattan on a daily basis, I admit, makes me a little blinded to the privilege I have. But then I step out of my little bubble and am faced with an immense amount of homelessness that pulls me straight back to reality. The huge gap between wealthy and poor here in the city is so obvious, yet so many people seem so oblivious.

Selfie to Self-Expression | Saatchi Gallery

I don't often visit art galleries, yet whenever I do the artistic ambiance seems to amaze me each time. I found myself in London with a friend recently, and spontaneously decided to go to a couple of galleries (all of which had free entry, which made me extra happy!). I was particularly intrigued by the "Selfie to Self-Expression" exhibition at the Saatchi gallery in Chelsea, which showcased a number of self portraits through a vast amount of time, leading up to today's infamous 'selfie'.

London, UK

The Summer of Red

Do ignore my chubby hands, but look at that vieeew!

If you would have told me a few months ago that I'd be sporting this vibrant shade on my lips, nails and body, I would have laughed you straight in the face. To me, red was always a no-go. I was always too afraid it would look too Taylor Swift and make my skin look paler than it already is. However, summer is the time to experiment and try something new, and so perusing the Boots aisles on holiday, I picked up a red nail polish.

Rimmel Do Foundations

When it comes to foundations, the Rimmel Wake Me Up is my go-to, especially during the summer season when I'm looking for a little more dew. I've talked about it loads and would recommend it to pretty much everyone who's skin sits somewhere in-between the oily and the dry region. It works perfectly with my combination skin, as it is both moisturizing but long lasting, and gives a reasonable amount of coverage. It's also under a tenner at £8.99 and I do find a little goes a long way with this. However, I was searching for a little more coverage and so I thought I'd try another one from their foundation range. 

The Nice Travel Diary: Èze

Alright, so it's not strictly Nice, but how could we not take a trip to the gorgeous village of Èze? My parents had told me so many stories of the beautiful haven filled with cobble stoned walkways and picturesque views of the Mediterranean, and so obviously I was thrilled to explore the place. It took us a little over half an hour to get to it from Nice, although this did include several stops to take in the scenery on the way. Èze is located high up on a mountain right by the French Riviera, and as our visit was right in the middle of July, the village was soaked in the Mediterranean sun.
Èze, France

The Nice Travel Diary

After giving you all a sneak peek of the blue heaven that is the French Riviera in my last post, I thought I'd share some snaps from my holiday in Nice a few weeks ago. I've split it up into a couple of posts, so I won't bombard you with a billion shots at once. Here are just a few I took on the beachfront and along the promenade. 
Nice, France