Monday, September 29, 2014

• Brows, Brows, Brows •

If theres one makeup step I dislike the most, and find the hardest, it's eyebrows. Unfortunately I'm not naturally blessed with bold, dark eyebrows, but white blonde ones. Although they do have some thickness to them, the lack of colour makes them very hard to work with.

Whether you have blonde or brown hair, if it's ashy, it's hard to find eyebrow products that don't make your eyebrows look ginger or red toned. And because of my lack of colour, it's hard to make them look natural. And without any product, I look a little bit naked.

I thought I'd share with you some products I like to use, but I'd love for you to leave me your suggestions below.

The Eyeshadow
MAC Omega is your go. One I've mentioned on here several times - soft, ashy and one of the more natural looks when it comes to brows.

The Pencil
Maybelline's FashionBrow is the best I've tried. It's the ashiest brow product I own, but I do need a spooli on hand to comb through them afterwards.

The Gel
Another one from Maybelline, although initially Brow Drama was a complete fail, I think it's a great option for after you've applied your brow product and want to go a bit fuller. It's very pigmented and makes your brows look fuller and keeps them in place all day.

I haven't posted in a week - let's ignore that ;)

Zazie x

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Monday, September 22, 2014

• The Autumnal Lip •

Now that it's coming up to autumn, I'm beginning to change little steps in my makeup routine, and one of these is lips. I'm not one for dark purples or browns, but I do think I can get away with it in the coming season.

I've had Revlon's Colourburst Matte Balm in the shade Sultry in my collection for a while now, and I've been patiently waiting for autumn to wear it. It's not your typical dark red, it's more of a mauve shade with brown tones in it that just looks gorgeous. It's a shade that does look nicer on the lips than in the tube, but it's a very unique one. The formula of these are amazing - creamy, matte and long lasting.

Recently I've just been dabbing it on lightly and then adding a slight gloss to the centre of the lips for a really simple everyday autumnal lip. I'd definitely recommend this as you can really choose whether to go for a full on statement lip or a sheer one, and I'm sure it would look good on a lot of different skin tones. For a swatch on the lips, click here (it's a lot more brown in real life).

Does this colour appeal to you?

Zazie x

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Friday, September 19, 2014

• The Playlist #3 •

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I decided to create another playlist post, as I do enjoy sharing my song picks with you, and I've been listening to a ton of new songs after summer. As always, it's a mix of old favourites and new ones, so I hope you enjoy!

~ Every Other Freckle - Alt J ~
This is quite a new one, but I've had this on repeat since it came out. I don't think there's a single Alt-J song I don't like, and I love all the different sounds and voices in it. It's quite an upbeat song, but it's still one you can play if you're having a chilled night.

~ At Home - Crystal Fighters ~
I think it's becoming a tradition to mention Crystal Fighters in these posts, but I love discovering some of their old tunes I haven't heard yet. At Home is another fun upbeat song that makes you feel really warm inside when you hear it. Luurrvee.

~ Mess Is Mine - Vance Joy ~
I'm also a big fan of Vance Joy, and the song I've been listening to a lot at the moment is Mess Is Mine. It's another really nice positive song that has a really nice homely beat. I also love Snaggletooth and of course Riptide, so I'd definitely recommend you check them out too if you want to give him a listen!

~ Touch - Daughter ~
Another band I love, Daughter's music has the XX-esque vibes and the lead singers voice sounds a little bit like Florence Welsh, so it's a love all around. Touch is a really lovely song that is a little less happy and upbeat than the rest in this post, but that doesn't mean it's bad! I'm also a big fan of Youth, which is quite a classic.

~ Blame It On Me - George Ezra ~
Ending with a happier note, George released another song that has had me fallen in love. It's not quite Budapest, but it's still a really good song. It's happy, has a great beat and will be one stuck in your head. I don't think this boy will ever get it wrong.

What songs are on your playlist at the moment?

Zazie x

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

• Alexiares & Ani •

I've always wanted to try out a local skincare brand, and so when I heard about Alexiares & Ani I knew I wanted to try some stuff. They very kindly sent me some products to try out, so I thought I'd share my thoughts on them with you. It is a Singapore based brand, so any of you not living here, you sadly won't be able to get their products, but hopefully some of my Singaporean readers will find this helpful. It uses no nasty ingredients and the website can be found here.

The Temptress - Vitamin Cleansing Lotion* // S$52
This is a really gentle lotion that really cleanses and moisturises the face. Although it does remove both face and eye makeup, I like using this after to inject that little bit more moisture into my skin, whilst making sure all the leftover gunk get's taken off. It contains a ton of different vitamins, which means it won't affect the skin, but benefit it. It worked amazingly on my dry patches so I'd highly recommend this to anyone with dry skin, but if you have oily skin it might not work too well. (Though I might suggest the Cleansing Gel, which is aimed at combination/oily skin.)

The Tempest - Antioxidant Toner/Mist* // S$52
I'm a huge fan of spray toners like the Lush one so I was very intrigued to try this. Because it is a mist it feels a lot lighter than a normal spray. It's meant to work great against pollution so it's ideal for a city like Singapore. It felt really fresh and cooling too, but I wasn't the biggest fan of the scent, and if something is going on your face (ie. near the nasal area) I would prefer it to smell good or not have a scent at all. However, it doesn't contain synthetic fragrances, so it's probably a mixture of all the good stuff like lavender, rosemary, lemon and natural white tea extracts, so you may like it.

The Deity - Mattifying Sunscreen* // S$39
Sunscreen is so important, whether you're living in a hot country like Singapore and if you're living in somewhere colder like the UK. But, understandably, no one likes the greasy look after you've applied it, and so when I saw this I knew I'd get a lot of use out of it. It's really moisturising and feels really light on the skin once applied, and of course, mattifies. It works great under makeup as well, and has definitely become an everyday staple for me.

The Luminary - Vitamin Clay Masque* // S$68
You know it's fancy when Mask is spelled with a q. This is a clay mask that balances the skin and helps to eliminate breakouts and redness and leaves your face looking a little more glowy and healthy. It smells amazing and doesn't dry my skin out like some clay masks. I've only used it twice, but I've definitely seen a little improvement in my skin looking a bit healthier. Will report more on this!

As you can probably tell, I was pretty impressed by these. Despite the scent of the toner, they all did what they said they would, and I'd definitely recommend the brand.

Zazie x

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*PR Sample

Monday, September 15, 2014

• The Crease Combo •

Most of us have a signature eye look, and although I thought I didn't have one, there is one step that I never miss out - whether I'm going for a full on smokey eye, or keeping it very "au naturel".

A crease shade was something I was a little bit scared of, but ever since I bought my Zoeva 227 Soft Definer Brush, the tables have turned. This is extremely similar to the well-loved MAC 217 brush, and I'm sure it works just as well. Using a light brown shade such as MAC's Omega, use a wind swiper motion in the socket (or crease) of your eye, and it will make a whole look in itself. You can build it up to be more intense, but one thing's for sure - you won't overdo it. The brush effortlessly dispenses the perfect amount of colour, and also works great as a base shadow brush. And as you can probably tell from the stain on the bristles, it really does get a lot of use

Both of these work excellent together, and I love the effortless look at the end of it.

Do you have any eye combinations you wear all the time?

Zazie x

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

• The Slouchy Tee •

I think all of us prefer comfort over style, and I love getting all cozy and slouchy in some trackies and a hoodie, but living in Singapore, you kind of have to interpret this. I picked up this cropped baggy t-shirt from H&M the other day, and I've been getting a ton of use out of it.

It has a really nice thin jumper material, and it's a cool toned grey colour. Its so simple to chuck on when I get home from school, to sleep in or even on top of a bikini when the nights are cooler. It is so so so comfy and perfect for the heat as the fabric doesn't stick to you. I love the loose style of this and think anyone could pull this off. I also like that it's loose but still fitting at the same time, as it doesn't fall of the shoulder or just droop down.

I don't remember exactly how much this was, but I remember being pleasantly surprised at how cheap it was. They'll probably still have it in stores, and I'd definitely recommend you go get it if you like the look of it.

Zazie x

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

• The Perfect Base •

If you read my last What's On My Face edit, you would have heard me talk about loving the look and feel of a sheerer foundation with a heavy duty concealer, and today I'm going to touch on the subject again.

Like most people, I'm not really a big fan of a cakey base, and although I do like a nice full coverage foundation once in a while, sometimes I just like something a little lighter for a more natural base. L'Oreal Nude Magique Foundation is just that. It's a light foundation that surprisingly has a velvety finish and has quite a runny formula - and it lacks a pump, so you do have to be careful when pouring this. Using a stippling brush I like to blend this all over the face, and I just love how lovely it feels on the skin. It also has SPF 15 so it's a great summer choice. It also comes in a sleek glass bottle that is very small and travel friendly. 

The concealer I'm about to talk about has been mentioned on here before, but it's definitely an amazing concealer that deserves all the hype it receives. The Nars Creamy Concealer is quite a thick concealer that provides amazing coverage for redness and spots, and is really long lasting too. As the name suggests it's really creamy and blendable, but a bit too heavy personally for my undereyes. Apply this to blemishes using a little blending brush and voila! Perfect base, done.

Let me know below what base combinations you like to use, and I'll see you in my next post!

Zazie x

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