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• The White Trend •

Sticking to the theme of my last post, i love the look of bright colours, that aren't 'real' brights. White. White clothing is something i'm slightly scared of wearing - lipstick stains, food stains, dirt (?), etc. But, i think it's a lovely alternative to bright neon shades, as i personally classify white as a bright bold colour. While browsing the Topshop White Out Collection I picked a few of my favourites to share with you all.

• The Wearable Bright •

This spring/summer is all about bright neon shades, but a lot of us tend to shy away from these and stay in our comfort zone. I must admit i'm one of these people, despite owning quite a few bright lipsticks. This shade from MAC however, is the perfect bright shade for those of us that want something a little daring, but not too overboard.

• What's On My Face #2 •

Quite a dark look for some reason, but changing it up a bit i guess! This is a look i've actually been trying to avoid to sport mainly because i want to wear all brights and what not, but i couldn't not share it with you.

For a quick and easy base i used my L'Oreal True Match Foundation, which i've raved about before, but it gives a lovely slightly dewy satin finish, that just looks gorgeous. I skipped the powder and blush,  so i used my Sleek Contour Kit for some very subtle contouring/bronzing.

The eye look is quite a subtle smokey one using my Catrice Quad in Never Let Me Go, which has very light pigmentation compared to their single shadows, but makes this so easy to blend. The shades have really unique undertones, and are a perfect combination of colours. For mascara i used an old favourite of mine, The Balm's Two Timer, which is a double ended mascara that has a very buildable formula, although i didn't want the look of full on fake lashes. 

And lastly i used Revlon Matte Balm in Sultry for the lips. It's actually quite an odd shade, sort of like a dark reddish brown. It's not something i'd usually go for, but think it's a perfect alternative for a dark lip colour, which i can really imagine sporting in the Autumn season (yes, i realise we're not even in summer!)

Zazie x

• The Wishlist #3: NARS Edition •

- ignore the creamy concealer, made the collage before i got it haha! -

Another wishlist, i know, but my birthday is coming up in less than two weeks, so i'm listing out the things i'm lusting. Nars is a brand i'm slowly getting more into, but there are still loads of things i still want to try out. I know it's not the cheapest of brands, but everyone loves a splurge right?

• Two Spring Loves •

Sorry i haven't been blogging that enthusiastically recently, but i just didn't really have much motivation, but a new week, a new start right? Today I wanted to share with you two things that i've been LOVING recently, and let me tell you - they're good. 

• The Fashion Blogger Edit •

Although i do love my good ol' beauty bloggers, i'm also a big fan of fashion bloggers. So here is a somewhat "Sharing the Love" post on my favourites.

• Another Repurchase •

Who remembers the first edit of this series? Such a long time ago, but i haven't really repurchased something in a while. I was definitely in need of another OPI Alpine Snow Polish, so i popped into town and bought another one. I've done an entire post on my love for white nail polish, and it hasn't stopped now. White polish just looks so simple and elegant, suits every and any outfit, and makes you look tanned. I'm pretty sure everyone looks good with white nail polish, and it's a perfect nude shade if you can't find a nude... if that makes sense.

• This Week I Loved... •

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer
I won't dwell on this too much, as a full review/post can be seen here, but i truly have been loving it this month. It's definitely my idea of a perfect concealer - creamy, blendable, gives good coverage and doesn't crease. When i use this i don't even see the need of foundation, as it just really covers, but gives you a nice flawless yet natural finish.

• Radiant, Creamy and Dreamy •

In my recent Sunday Post i mentioned that i made a little purchase at the NARS store, and i love it so much, i think it deserves a post of it's own.

• The Wishlist #2: Bobbi Brown Edition •

Oh Bobbi. Bobbi Brown isn't a brand i've tried much from, in fact i haven't tried anything from it, but i've heard so many good things about it that i can't help adding a couple of things to my wishlist. Brittany and her recent obsession with BB has honestly made me crave them so much more.

• What's On My Face #1 •

I talk a lot about products (hence this being a beauty blog), but you never really see them doing their work. I've decided to make a little series on my blog, "What's on my Face", "FOTD" or whatever you want to call it. This is quite a spring look in my opinion, as it is dewy, with an 'orange' lip and quite a simple eye. I think i've talked about almost all of these products, so i want dwell on them too much, but here's what i've got.

As a base i used Rimmel's Wake Me Up Foundation. Light, glowing and indeed makes you look more awake. I decided to skip the powder, as i didn't want to effect that gorgeous glowy goodness. I added a peachy pink blush in the form of Topshop's Head Over Heels cream blush. My all time favourite blush, let's leave it at that. To add a touch of colour to my face i swept some of my Sleek Contour Kit on my temples and cheeks using my Real Techniques Blush Brush - bit of a tounge twister. It's quite a buildable product which i like, as it gives that subtleness i adore, but can also make you look like an oompa looma.. yay!

For the eyes i used my loved NARS Cream Eyeshadow in Mykonos. You can read a full post on it here, but all in all it's an amazing versatile product that is so easy to use and looks gorgeous. Instead of doing my usual 'blending into the crease' routine, i decided to sweep it across the lids. I love that although it is quite a dark-ish shade, it still is so suitable for everyday. For mascara, i used my NYX Le Frou Frou, which gives a nice subtle lash look. And as for brows, i stole borrowed my sister's Benefit Gimme Brow in the shade light/medium. I think i might have to pick this up, as it just works so perfectly on giving you neat brows. In the above photo i used my usual brow powder, but Gimme Brow sounds so good.

And finally, for them puckers i took my Topshop Lipstick in Whimsical, i've mentioned it countless times on here, so all i'll say is that the shade is gorgeous and definitely my go-to spring shade. 

Zazie x