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• A Few New Rules •

Changing my nails isn't the only thing i do for Spring. Changing up both my makeup and skincare routine is also something i absolutely love doing during this time. Today i'm going to share with you the Spring rules of my makeup routine.

• The Rimmel Nude Lip •

I was actually thinking that i didn't have a nude lipstick, when HQHair contacted me, to see if i wanted to try out some nude Rimmel lip products - could i resist? Obviously not.

• Hair Loves •

I quite like taking care of my hair. Although the dry frizzy mess that it is, i generally do quite a lot to keep my hair nice and healthy. I've been loving these three products for a while, so i thought it would be time to share them with you.

• The Multiple Use Products •

Finding different uses for products is really good, especially if it's a product i already love for it's actual use. These three makeup items are really great for just that, so here they are.

• Life Lately •

Hello Everybody! I hope you all had a lovely long weekend (i sure did). I've always wanted to post more lifestyle posts, but i realise a lot of you just won't be interested in what i get up to in my free time. However, i hope there are some of you who do, because i will try and post little 'Life Lately' style posts maybe once a month. I've seen several bloggers write these, and i always enjoy reading them as their blogs aren't always bombarded with beauty. Of course this is strictly speaking still a beauty blog, so if you prefer those posts, then don't worry - they'll still be here.

• The One-Wash Shade •

Although i do like taking my time when doing my makeup, there's just something about quick and easy products that just satisfy me. This is one of them.

• The Drugstore 'Chubby Stick' •

You've probably heard about them. Loved them. Sick of them yet? I'm pretty sure Clinique started the whole Chubby Stick thing, and since then other brands, especially high street ones like Revlon, L'Oreal, Rimmel and Model's Own have jumped on and made their own version of them. I must admit i am quite a big fan of them, they are so easy to apply and a lot have them have such lovely formulas. Here's the low-down of the ones i've tried and tested.

• In My Purse •

I go out quite often, and i always make sure i have my purse with me. Today i thought i'd show you the things i have in it. I do realise you wouldn't normally keep things in your purse, but it's a bit of a habit of mine, and it's so easy to slip into any bag that you are taking.

• The Playlist #1 •

Hello everyone! So today is a little bit of a different post - a music related post. To change things up on my blog a bit, i've decided to create a series called 'The Playlist' where i will be telling you all what i'm listening to at the moment. They're not always going to be 'current' songs, as i do love listening to old music as well as new. I don't really know what my music taste is, but by listening to these songs you might have some sort of an idea!

• Makeup Nostalgia •

We all get it, right? Being a makeup addict I often change up my routine, buy new products and with that forget about old ones. Today i thought i'd round up a couple of products that i used to love, and still do! Remembering Summer '13...

• Blemish Fighting Duo •

I'm a teenager, so i do suffer with spots, breakouts and blemishes like anyone else. I also get redness on my cheeks and around the area of a spot, so I decided to try some new spot treatments and additions to my skincare routine.

• Parisian Inspired •

Top: Topshop
Rings: H&M
Lips: Model's Own Matte Balm 'Ravishing Red'
Liner: Topshop Magic Liner
Bronzer & Highlighter: Sleek Contour Kit
Mascara: Maybelline The Rocket

• Pretty Packaging •

Let's face it - a lot of the time we do look and judge a product by it's packaging. Although it isn't necessarily always the case, but the main reason i stand at the YSL counter is because of it. High end products tend to have a lot nicer packaging than drugstore products, as they do have more money to spend on it, but here are three of my favourite packaged makeup products i own.