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• A Tale Of Concealers •

If there's one face product I couldn't live without, it would definitely be concealer. If it's to hide those dark under eye circles from lack of sleep or to hide blemishes, concealer does the job. I have a few that I truly love and use for different things. 

☀ The Playlist: Summer Edition ☀

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It's been a long time since my first playlist post, so I thought a new one was in order. This is a bit of a longer one, and is filled with songs I've been listening to and loving this summer. There are a couple of new ones, and lots of oldies, but I hope you enjoy! You can listen to all the tracks in a 8tracks playlist here.

• Out Of Trouble? •

I've talked about a couple of spot treatments here before, but I wanted to invest in a good face mask to get rid of all the nasties. While browsing through the duty free at the airport, a long with buying MAC's Omega, I spotted the Origins masks, all at a considerably lower price. I decided to go for it and pick up the Origins Out Of Trouble Mask, a 10 minute mask that claims to rescue problem skin.

• Summer Essentials •

Apart from the typical summer essentials - sun cream, money?, passport, etc. there are some that, this season, are almost just as essential as them.. almost. In the summer time I like my makeup to be hassle free, natural and effortless. Although on some days I like doing the whole hog, this summer I'm reaching for these products that are so quick to throw into your beach bag.

• What A Delight •

When it comes to perfumes, I find it really hard to describe the scents and make a blog post, but I just had to let you know of my summer scent as it truly smells amazing.

• O-Mega Worth The Wait •

I'd first off like to start this post with a huge apology for not posting this week. I'm actually in the UK at the moment, and have been spending a lot of time with friends, family, etc. But, hopefully i'll try to post more as I have been making one or two sneaky purchases already.