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• Hello 2014 •

The fact that it is now officially 2014 really blows my mind. And i know it's really cliche but this past year has literally flown by. It seems only yesterday that i was lying on the beach in Lombok enjoying the summer sun. This year has been quite a big year makeup wise too, last year i had little to no makeup and now my stash has grown immensely (love that word). 

• Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette •

When i heard that Urban Decay were coming out with a new palette i immediately went and put it on my chrimbo wishlist, but i honestly didn't expect to get it at all! I've always wanted to buy one of the Naked Palettes, but i never knew which one to get. This one is quite different to the others as it's more rosy-toned, so i can see myself buying one of the other ones in the future, especially as this palette comes with 12 completely new shades. 

• My Christmas Makeup! •

First off a very merry christmas to everyone who is celebrating it! Today is just a quick post, as i'm going to be joining in on the family festivities, but i wanted to show you what i am going to be wearing makeup-wise on christmas! This is a very simple makeup look as i don't like spending too much time when you can be doing more important things. Most of these products i have already done reviews on so click on the product name and it will lead you to the full review! And if i haven't done a review, keep your eyes peeled! xx

• Affordable Christmas Eyeshadow Picks! •

Another festive post yay! Today i'm going to be talking about my favourite eyeshadows for the christmas season, and as you can probably tell, they're all shimmery! Also, all of these are drugstore, so they're in everyone's price range.

• Last Minute Christmas Gifts: Dirty Works Bathing Box •

I know sometimes it's quite hard to get someone a present- especially when it's so close to christmas! A good thing to do is get someone a gift set, where everything is in a nice little box and chosen for you. And today i'm going to share with you just that! 

• My Body Shop Wish-list! •

I normally don't really do these kinds of posts as i really hate the look of stock photos but i just had to let you in on some products from the Body Shop that are on my current wants list! The Body Shop is defintely one of my my favourite high street shops- i love all their body care, skincare, hair and makeup range and recently they've been coming out with some great new products so it would be rude not to make a little wishlist, eh? 

• Sickness and Scrapbooks •

Today i had a really lazy day and it was not the best day- i was up all night throwing up (tmi sorry!) and i have a sore stomach and a headache. I generally am not at my best, but i wanted to post a blogpost anyway as i haven't posted in ageesss!

Today i also began making a little scrapbook out of my Jack Wills notebook.

• e.l.f. Natural Eyeshadow Palette •

When it comes to smokey eyes, i'm probably not the best person to come to.. unless you want to use this palette! This is the e.l.f. 32 Natural Eyeshadow Palette. The reason why i find smokey eyes with this so easy, is because the colours that come in this aren't exactly the most pigmented, so they blend really nicely together! This palette comes with shimmers and matte colours all in the neutral range. 

• What's in my: Sally Hansen Goodie Bag! •

After i wrote about the Sally Hansen event that i attended, i got a couple requests to say what i got in the goodie bag which i received, so here it is. 

These are the main things you received in the goodie bag. You also got a $15 Watsons Voucher, but i didn't snap a picture as it isn't really related to the rest of the things. We also got a nail file, an orange wood stick, a sally hansen towel, and the Sally Hansen Airbrush legs which i gave to my sister as i'm not so into tanning. 

• Topshop Lip Crayon in 'Secret Party' •

A few weeks ago my sister went to a Topshop fashion show, and brought me back a Topshop Lip Crayon (these cannot be confused with the matte 'Lip Sticks', they both have quite different formulas!). I've only ever tried Topshop Lipsticks, so i was excited to try this. The one she got is in 'Secret Party' which is a perfect christmas colour in my opinion. Its a really pretty pink-toned red with slight shimmers running through it. It goes on really smoothly and is a really easy application thanks to the pen like tip. The formula is also really creamy and moisturising and has a nice pigmentation, although it does sheer out during the day. These retail for £7.00 which i think is very reasonable!

Will you be trying out some of these lip crayons?!

Zazie x

• Christmas Candles Galore! •

When i think of christmas one of the main things that pops into my head is... candles! I absolutely love candles as they give a really nice scent, look nice and give a really pretty light. They also generally give a more festive feel to the room!

• Brand Rave: NATIO •

Recently i was in my local drugstore, and a skincare brand called 'NATIO' had a really good offer on. I was looking at the scrub, when a lady who worked there told me that it was on offer for only $10! (Equivalent to £5!) And, it gets better, she said that the second item you buy from the brand you get for $5!! (£2.50) I was so blown away by the price that i had to buy it, especially because it does look quite nice and professional and is alcohol free. And i was not disappointed by the actual product either.

After i did my research, i found out that NATIO is an Australian Skincare and Aromatherapy based brand. I hadn't really heard of it before but it did look like quite a high end brand to me. I know that products of the brand are available to buy in Debenhams in the UK and in selected SASA stores here in Singapore and other parts of Asia.

• LUSH Popcorn Lipscrub •

I've heard a couple of people talk about the lush lip scrubs, and when my sister bought one for us to share i was happy to try it out. 

• Update: Sally Hansen Event •

Yesterday Aerin and I were invited to a Sally Hansen Nail Event/Workshop. I've never really been invited to one before so i was excited to say the least! It was a really fun day where they taught us about how to keep your nails healthy, what shape you should have, etc. The workshop went from 10-12:30 but whizzed past in a blur! It honestly was so fun and if it wasn't for us blogging, we probably wouldn't have been invited, so i'd just like to thank you guys, mwah :* We also got a free goodie bag with lots of Sally Hansen goodies inside, which is always a bonus haha!

I'd just like to thanks Sally Hansen Singapore aswell, for inviting us to this workshop :)

Zazie x

• Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Range •

Seeing as we don't have a Boots here in Singapore, when i saw my local drugstore selling boots products, i was literally crying with happiness haha! I was looking for some spot treatments, as i have some pesky spots showing up, and when i saw these from Boots own brand, i had to go try them out!

• Real Techniques Brushes •

Everyone and their mothers talks about these brushes, but i can honestly say that i truly love them. They are so soft, but not too soft that they don't collect any product. Plus these look so much more sleek and are so much cheaper aswell! 

I have the core collection (the gold handed ones) which are for your face, the starter set (the purple handed ones) which are for your eyes and a random blush brush (the pink one). My favourite is probably the buffing brush that comes in the core collection. I use it for foundation, concealer & powder, which I think is brilliant as i normally use one brush for foundation, one for concealer, etc.

• The Foundation: L'Oreal True Match •

When it comes to foundation, i'm not exactly an expert. As I am only 13, I don't wear foundation everyday and when I do, I only use it in the areas that I need it. One foundation that I recently picked up however, is a perfect foundation... I present to you, the L'Oreal True Match Foundation!

• Dry Shampoo Flop | Haircare Week •

So far i've done many positive reviews and thoughts, so now here comes a little negativity.The Batiste Dry Shampoo. You have probably heard someone somewhere mentioning this, as it is a very loved product in the beauty world. Almost every single blogger absolutely loves it- except for me.

• Fave Hair Accessories | Haircare Week •

I love styling my hair in loads of different ways, especially putting different kinds of accessories in. And today i'm going to show you guys some of my faves (:

• Too Early For Christmas Decor? •

Is it too early to get into the christmas spirit?! Definitely not in my opinion. Once halloween is over, and all the shops start putting up all the christmas decorations and start playing christmas music I am so ready for christmas! Personally christmas is one of my favourite time of the year and i love decorating my room a bit too to make it feel a little bit more festive! x

A miniature tree is 100% a must for me! This one is from Daiso and cost $4 (baubles included!) which is insanely cheap, plus its so tacky that it's cute haha! 

• Autumn Nude Nails •

When i think of autumnal nails i generally think of dark colours (berry, plum, etc.). Recently however, i've been seeing quite a lot of people wearing nude nails. I've never been much of a big nude nail polish person. I've just never really found the right shade of nude that doesn't wash out my skin or looks almost invisible- until now.

These are two quite different shades of nudes but i love them both, especially for the autumn season.

• Nivea Skincare Review •

I've been wanting to buy some new skincare products for a while already, but i just didn't want to spend a fortune on something that might or might not work for my skin. But when Aerin recommended some that are from the drugstore i just couldn't resist! 

I never really thought much about Nivea skincare, as i haven't heard many reviews about it. However they did look quite intriguing and i can honestly say that these are my holy grail skincare products at the moment! 

• Affordable •

Some of you may know that i'm a complete drugstore junkie. It's amazing how many amazing drugstore products you can buy- more than half the price of high end products! Almost all of my makeup does come from the drugstore and i love every bit of it. So today i thought i would show you guys my faves combined in a makeup look.

Here are all the products i used.

• Mini Sleek Makeup Haul •

Recently i went to this  little shop i found that sells NYX and Sleek makeup, so i decided to buy some Sleek products, as you don't usually get them in Singapore. 

I'm new here.. ♥

i'm new here..

I made this blog because i am young, and have just been introduced to the world of beauty. Ish. Basically i will be posting hauls, tutorials, and generally my views on beauty & fashion. I hope someone will read my posts and enjoy them even in the tiniest amounts. :)