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• Best Of: February •

Now that we've come to the end of February, it's time to announce the best posts of the month, let's make this short and sweet..

• We Don't Get On •

My blog is generally quite a positive place, but i also like giving 100% honest feedback. Although i do get most products to work for me, these three just didn't. Either i was disappointed in them, or i just dislike the product. I'm not saying that everyone won't like these products, they're just products i don't get on with. These could be some of your favourites! But for me, they get a thumbs down.

• Topshop Makeup •

Some of you may know that i'm quite a big fan of Topshop makeup. Although you might not think that a clothing brand is the best at making makeup, i've tried out a couple of things and haven't been disappointed by them. In fact quite the opposite. Some of my favourite makeup items are from Topshop, so i thought i'd show you the little collection that i've built up so far.

• The Tangleteezer •

The Tangleteezer. Everyone and their mother has tried this, and most loved it too. I'm quite late on the bandwagon for this, but i never really understood the whole hype around it. To me it just looked like any hairbrush.. oh i was so wrong. 

• One Hundred Of You •

One Hundred. One Hundred. One Hundred. This number seems so huge, and the fact that that many of you enjoy reading my blog seems crazy. I know tonnes of people have thousands, even millions, but 100 already seems so massive. I started this blog spontaneously in March last year (although i only started blogging regularly in November), and i honestly didn't expect anyone to read it. I love writing blog posts, editing my blog theme and generally interacting with you all, so thinking that you also love reading my posts makes me beyond happy. I'm not going to get soppy or too emotional, but i'd like to personally thank every single one of you who has taken their time to read my ramblings, leave comments and never fail to brighten my day. My blog is a big passion of mine, and i'm looking forward to continue writing it for a long time.

• A Bite at Brotzeit •

If you didn't already know, i grew up in Germany and lived there for 7 years. Although here in Singapore i love joining in on all the Asian culture, i love reliving my childhood by having a nice ol' german meal. So this lead to me and my family hopping into Brotzeit. Brotzeit is a chain of German restaurants here in Singapore, that literally make me feel like i'm back in Germany whenever i go there *sigh*. The food is absolutely delicious, although i will warn you that the portions are pretty big (for me anyway), so i normally go for just a starter. Yesterday i went for the Goulash Soup that came with some warm brown bread and also ordered a cheeky little bretzel for the side. All of it was very delish, and i would highly recommend you go have a nice meal at Brotzeit if you live in Singapore.

Zazie x

• 'Witch' stick? •

Like most people my age, i do tend to get spots here in there on my face, so i do like using a few blemish treatments to at least calm them down (and hopefully get rid of them!)

• Sneaky Purchases •

For my spending ban of January i must admit i did do very well. These two are the only makeup related items i picked up AND they were both on offer - who can really resist a drugstore sale?

• Fresh Spring Scents •

Is it just me, or does it feel forever since my last post?! Anyway, today i'm going to be discussing another spring related topic, i present to you my favourite spring scents for this year. Of course i like to chop and choose every day to change it up a bit, but these are the the two i mostly pick out. I know it is quite hard to describe scents, so i would recommend you go give these a sniff the next time you go to your nearest store, but i'll try my best!

• The 'Orange' Lip •

I've never been much of an orange lip kind of person, but i feel like a peach or a coral orange are so perfect for spring time, so here are a few i will most probably be wearing throughout the following months.

• Work That Frizz •

Living with frizzy hair is probably one of the worst things ever. I literally can't wear my hair down as it gets so frizzy, thanks to the humidity aswell. To add to this, my hair is really dry and weighed down. This is one of the main reasons i like to stick my hair up in a bun so no frizz is to be seen, but for this post i've decided to not cover up my frizz, but embrace it. Especially in Topshop i've been seeing a lot of models with frizz-looking hair, that is made to look that way. All i really did for the picture above was a bit of back-combing around the entire head and boom- your hair now looks like you intended it to be frizzy. This isn't exactly a look i 'sport' a lot, in fact never, but i like experimenting with the frizz of a hair i have.

Now let's count how many times i said 'frizz' in that paragraph.. oops!

Zazie x

• The To Do List •

I often find myself constantly forgetting things i was supposed to be doing, including even the little things. I am a person that gets distracted so easily, and i honestly have to be more organised! It's not just that i'm a procrastinator and maybe just generally a lazy person, but i can be so forgetful at times, my mum literally has to remind me about everything. However, i've decided to change this. I feel like achievements always start with the little things, so i have decided to make small to-do lists whenever i have something to do. Don't you just love ticking the little boxes off and thinking that you've actually accomplished something in your life? No? Just me?

• Lilac Polish Love •

In spring, i love changing my nail polish shades from the dark berries around christmas and autumn time, and change to really pretty pastel shades. So far, i've been loving the pastel lilac nail, so i thought i'd share with you three that i've been using.