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• The White Trend •

Sticking to the theme of my last post, i love the look of bright colours, that aren't 'real' brights. White. White clothing is something i'm slightly scared of wearing - lipstick stains, food stains, dirt (?), etc. But, i think it's a lovely alternative to bright neon shades, as i personally classify white as a bright bold colour. While browsing the Topshop White Out Collection I picked a few of my favourites to share with you all.

The White Dress

A white dress can just look so simple and elegant, and it will look amazing with a tan (as will all white clothing). I like the style of quite loose fitting dresses, tight ones are definitely not for me. The one above is more of a cream colour, but i still love the style of it.

The White Shoes
If i ever get some i guarantee you they will be dirty seconds after i've put them one but hey, they look nice. White shoes go with every outfit, and give a nice fresh vibe. I can imagine the ones above looking gorgeous with a bright summer dress.

The White Dungaree
I love a good dungaree, and i really like the look of a bright printed top underneath a pair of dungas, and white ones would look gorgeous. I'm not short on dungarees at the moment, but when i spotted the ones above i knew i had to add it to the list.

The White Jean
I absolutely love white trousers during the winter time, but the look is still as minimalistic and elegant at any time of the year. The ripped knee trend is going around at the moment, so why not combine the two?

Zazie x