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• A New Start •

Hello readers or fellow bloggers! It's been a while - a full four months if you want the facts - and a lot has changed for me. I'm not going to give you all any excuses for why I've been away, as I've gone on about the blogging situation in several posts in the past, but I've generally had a lot of life changes within the last few months. 

The first major change is the fact that I've moved half way across the world. I no longer live on the "small, sunny island of Singapore", but rather in the "big, busy city of New York" (I've always loved my alliterations as you can tell). It's been a huge change for me and despite the obvious hole in my life that Singapore once filled, I am trying to be as optimistic as possible, which means attending therapy classes in the form of shopping. (For I am now in one of the biggest shopping capitals in the world, and I could spend a couple of hours in my local CVS alone) There's a lot to get used to, but I'm excited to explore the city more as I will be living here for the next three years. 

"But what does this have to do with blogging, or why are you telling us this useless information Zazie?" Well, I not only blog for you guys, but also for myself to look back in the future, and to document important events in my life. But now that I've moved to a new country, and it's a fresh new start, I also thought it would be a good opportunity to start blogging again. I'm not going to commit to any deadlines, but I want my blog to be a happy place that I can come to once in a while and post for you guys, which has always been a source of positivity for me. I'm also not going to limit myself to writing about only beauty, as I've always wanted to branch out into fashion, as well as post occasional lifestyle themed ones as usual. 

I hope you'll be a part of my new blogging journey, and thank you for sticking around! :)

Zazie x