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Rimmel Do Foundations

When it comes to foundations, the Rimmel Wake Me Up is my go-to, especially during the summer season when I'm looking for a little more dew. I've talked about it loads and would recommend it to pretty much everyone who's skin sits somewhere in-between the oily and the dry region. It works perfectly with my combination skin, as it is both moisturizing but long lasting, and gives a reasonable amount of coverage. It's also under a tenner at £8.99 and I do find a little goes a long way with this. However, I was searching for a little more coverage and so I thought I'd try another one from their foundation range. 

The Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation comes at £1 cheaper than the Wake Me Up counterpart, but it contains the same amount of product -- not something I'd usually look for, but if you want the facts! My initial turn off was the fact that it didn't have a pump (Edit: I've seen online that it does come with a pump in the UK). Because there are no testers in American drugstores, I had pretty much no way of knowing this until I opened it up. It is marketed as a full coverage foundation, so I was expecting something quite heavy duty, but I would say it is more of a medium but build-able coverage. The finish is a lot less dewy, and so in turn it tends to stick to dry patches, but glides on beautifully on oily areas -- a trouble that us combination gals face and ultimately leaves our skin a little uneven. I'm certain this would work great on those who lean more to the general oily skin.

Foundation is something pretty personal, and so I'd love to know your experience with either of these. Let me know if you've tried any of the Rimmel foundations before, and which you'd recommend below!
Zazie x