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Back To Blogging

I don't even know how to begin writing this post. Once again I've managed to break my promise of posting more, and have pretty much abandoned my blog for well over a year. However, this summer, with lots of free time on my hands, something clicked in me.

I realized I had a platform right in front of me, where I was able to express my ideas to an audience that would listen to me. Even if that's just one of you. Although my love for beauty still stands, and I will continue posting about it, I've decided to use this blog in a positive way to write about anything that makes me happy or is important to me. Whether that is exploring new places or reviewing some new music. And although I won't commit to any deadlines or schedule, I do really want to get back into the swing of things in terms of my blog.

In order to begin this new chapter of my blogging journey, I've completely changed up my blog template to give it a bit of a refresh. And as for A Little Treat? The name that my 13 year old self randomly chose will stick with me, as too much change will scare me just a bit. Once again, thank you for sticking around, and I hope you enjoy my upcoming posts!

Zazie x