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Selfie to Self-Expression | Saatchi Gallery

I don't often visit art galleries, yet whenever I do the artistic ambiance seems to amaze me each time. I found myself in London with a friend recently, and spontaneously decided to go to a couple of galleries (all of which had free entry, which made me extra happy!). I was particularly intrigued by the "Selfie to Self-Expression" exhibition at the Saatchi gallery in Chelsea, which showcased a number of self portraits through a vast amount of time, leading up to today's infamous 'selfie'.

One particular aspect that struck my attention was displaying renowned artwork on a tv screen, and being able to "double tap" to like it, identical to the feature we all know on Instagram. You can see this above on one of Frida Kahlo's self-portraits, which almost transported her artwork into our time. It was great to see this artwork in this light, and it is the first of the like that I've heard of. Additionally there were loads of interactive mirrors where you could take your selfie, which was just a bit of fun.

Overall I really enjoyed this exhibition and I would definitely recommend you go check it out if you're in the area; whether you prefer traditional or contemporary art, there will be an aspect of this exhibition that will suit you.

Zazie x
London, UK