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The Summer of Red

Do ignore my chubby hands, but look at that vieeew!

If you would have told me a few months ago that I'd be sporting this vibrant shade on my lips, nails and body, I would have laughed you straight in the face. To me, red was always a no-go. I was always too afraid it would look too Taylor Swift and make my skin look paler than it already is. However, summer is the time to experiment and try something new, and so perusing the Boots aisles on holiday, I picked up a red nail polish.

Here we are, a month or so later, and I've reapplied Max Factor's "Red Carpet Glam" onto my nails a couple hundred times, smeared on Milk Makeup's Lip Colour in "True Red" on most holiday nights and worn red clothing on multiple occasions. What can I say? A girl can change. 

Red is such a classic colour that just seems so common that it gets overlooked. It looks great with a tan, and even without. And if you're guilty of being a monochrome girl too many days of the week, then this is the perfect opportunity for a pop of colour that will go with just about anything. Trust me.

Zazie x