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• The Playlist #1 •

Hello everyone! So today is a little bit of a different post - a music related post. To change things up on my blog a bit, i've decided to create a series called 'The Playlist' where i will be telling you all what i'm listening to at the moment. They're not always going to be 'current' songs, as i do love listening to old music as well as new. I don't really know what my music taste is, but by listening to these songs you might have some sort of an idea!

~ Beech Music // Indie ~

Recently i've been listening to Beech a lot. Not going to lie, i found them through Shenae Grimes, whose boyfriend is the lead singer, but their music is honestly so good. In particular, i love their songs Lovers and London Riots. They're quite catchy, but in a good way, and i love the background harmonies. I also love that you can hear Josh's British accent when he sings, which is always a lovely touch in my opinion.

~ Dog is Dead  //  Indie Pop ~
I was obsessed with their song Glockenspiel Song a couple of years ago when it was one Skins, but never thought of looking into them more. Recently i downloaded Teenage Daughter, and i'm obsessed. I definitely think they are such a great band, and definitely worth a listen. I've been listening to a couple of other songs too, and i've come to a conclusion that they're one of those bands where every song is so freakin' amazing.

~ Coldplay  //  Rock ~
My mum is a huge Coldplay fan, and has been listening to them for as long as i can remember. She has had Magic on replay for a while now, and it definitely made me download it too. It's got a really good beat, and i really like it a lot.

~ Ellie Goulding  //  Pop ~
Ellie is one of my favourite singers ever. I went to see her in February last year, and i'm going to see her in June for my birthday again, which i'm really excited about. She has such a unique voice, and i've been loving her since Starry Eyed. At the moment i've got her cover of Kodaline's All I Want on repeat. I love the original, it always makes me cry (have you seen the video?!), but her version is so great as it sounds a lot different to me.

Hope you liked this sort of post! Might make this a monthly thing...

Zazie x