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• The Multiple Use Products •

Finding different uses for products is really good, especially if it's a product i already love for it's actual use. These three makeup items are really great for just that, so here they are.

Bronzer in the crease

I think this is quite a popular one, but using a matte bronzer through the crease works every time. Especially if it's a bronzer that is too dark/orange for you, or just one you never use anymore, this is a great way to get it to use. I love the look of a simple nude shade across the lid, and then a bronzer in the crease, as it's so simple, but gives a little bit of definition to the eye. You could also use a bronzer as a transition shade or blending out shade, so a bronzer is very versatile in my eyes. It's also really great for travelling, if you don't want to bring any eyeshadows with you.

A bit of a vague one, but it's very rarely that i use a brush for only it's desired use. Especially Real Techniques, which just seem better for other things than it's actual use. For example, the Deluxe Crease Brush (pictured above) is far too big for my crease and not really precise enough, however, for blending concealer under the eyes it is perfect. I do this almost everyday, and it's just the right size. I could do an entire post on brushes that i don't use for their actual use, but this is definitely one of my most used.

Cream Blush on the lip
Another common one talked about, but i haven't seen too many people actually doing it. Dabbing the blush on the lip lightly for a sheer look or for an opaque one, this is really great. But, what i like doing, is actually using this as a base for underneath lipstick. It makes it last so much longer, and makes the colour a lot more pigmented too. Definitely one you should try out.

Zazie x