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• The One-Wash Shade •

Although i do like taking my time when doing my makeup, there's just something about quick and easy products that just satisfy me. This is one of them.

The NARS Mykonos Cream Eyeshadow was something i wasn't too excited about when i received it, mainly because i wasn't quite sure how to use it properly, as it has quite a thin (but buildable) consistency. For some reason i always thought the best way to apply cream products is with your fingers, and so it never occurred to me to use a brush. But, on a whim, i picked up my brush and started blending the shadow onto the lid and a bit whole-heartedly into the crease. Oh my god. The Results? A look that looked like you spent hours blending multiple shadows together, when in reality you effortlessly blended one single shadow in a matter of seconds. 'Mykonos' is the perfect shade, as it isn't quite bronze because of the rose gold running through it. It's absolutely stunning, and a perfect shade for Spring. It's such a gorgeous look for everyday that is just so easy! And to vamp up the look a bit, just add a little more into the crease and take the shade along the lower lash line, and voila - day to night done. As you can probably tell i'm absolutely in love with this shade, and you can disregard my previous somewhat lightly raving review. I definitely would get some more, but none of the other shades really appeal to me, so i'm glad i have my Mykonos. And is it worth £18? Yes, yes and yes!

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Zazie x