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• The Wishlist #5: Urban Outfitters' Wonderland •

If theres one website I could spend hours browsing, it's probably Urban Outfitters. From their interiors to their clothes it's all perfect, and so many of them have made their way onto my wishlist. Sadly, we don't have an Urban Outfitters in Singapore, which is actually probably for the better as I would go wild in there. I also love finding and browsing through interiors and little knick knacks to go in my future dwelling. So of course I went ahead and made a little collage of my favourites from UO's new interior Wonderland trend (here).

1.  Dreamcatcher
I own one of these somewhere, but it isn't nearly as pretty as this one. I love the combination of brown and blue and the tassels are gorgeous too.

2.  Pyramid Shelf
Again, I love the look of wood, and this little shelf would look cute anywhere. I can imagine this hanging above a desk or even leaning against a wall on another shelf.

3.  Fortune Teacup Candle
I love candles, they just make a home seem more homely, whether it's lit or not, and I'm a big fan of recycling old cups and using them as candle holders. The design of this one is really cute as well.

4.  Medallion Tapestry
If I could only have one thing in my entire home it would be this. Tapestries are absolutely stunning and Urban Outfitters have a ton of beautiful designs.

5.  Symmetry book
What's a home without a coffee table book? This one has a lovely front cover that would look great in any corner of the house (and I'm sure the inside is just as good!).

6.  Turning Triangles Terrarium
Cactuses are another little accessory that make a house a little more interesting. I love these little glass jars you could put them in and Urban Outfitters have a lot of different shapes to offer. Another coffee table essential!

Hope you enjoyed today's post, sorry it's a day late but I'm currently on holiday in Sydney and having a truly great time. :)

Zazie x