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• TheBalm, A Mask •

When i saw that the Balm came out with a haircare range, i honestly couldn't contain my excitement. I love their makeup products, and was excited to try a thing or two from this line. I've also been wanting to try a hair mask to deal with my frizz and so when i received the En Root Conditioning Treatment Mask from Aerin for Valentine's Day (no boyfriends = best friend gifts, probably better than the gift i would've received from a boyfriend..) and i was very thankful. Here are my thoughts.

Not going to lie the packaging really brought me in to the product, which it's meant to do right? From the packaging it says that it's safe for colour treated hair and contains bamboo & rice protein, keratin and shea which all sounded very lovely. The mask itself is quite a creamy mushy one, almost like i'd imagine a home-made one to be and smells really lovely. I can't quite put my finger on what the scent is, but it's tres tres nice. The mask isn't very thick so i like to take quite a bit and mainly work it to the ends of my hair. When i wash it off i don't notice immediate results, but when my hair dries i do feel it to be a lot more nourished than normal, but it won't get rid of any frizz. Overall i think this is a great mask to give your hair a little bit more moisture or conditioning, but it didn't blow my mind. Still, a really great product that i'll continue using, and don't regret buying (or Aerin buying..)

Zazie x