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• Work That Frizz •

Living with frizzy hair is probably one of the worst things ever. I literally can't wear my hair down as it gets so frizzy, thanks to the humidity aswell. To add to this, my hair is really dry and weighed down. This is one of the main reasons i like to stick my hair up in a bun so no frizz is to be seen, but for this post i've decided to not cover up my frizz, but embrace it. Especially in Topshop i've been seeing a lot of models with frizz-looking hair, that is made to look that way. All i really did for the picture above was a bit of back-combing around the entire head and boom- your hair now looks like you intended it to be frizzy. This isn't exactly a look i 'sport' a lot, in fact never, but i like experimenting with the frizz of a hair i have.

Now let's count how many times i said 'frizz' in that paragraph.. oops!

Zazie x