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• 'Witch' stick? •

Like most people my age, i do tend to get spots here in there on my face, so i do like using a few blemish treatments to at least calm them down (and hopefully get rid of them!)

I have been a fan of the Witch Naturally Clear Blemish Stick for quite some time now, but because they don't sell it here in Singapore, i was delighted when i found another one which claimed to do exactly the same as the original. I actually mentioned the Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Blemish Stick in a haul back in November (link), where i didn't give my opinions yet, so i thought this would be a great opportunity to share my thoughts on both the original witch stick and the boots alternative and tell you which one i prefer. Leggo!

The Original Witch Stick contains 10g of product, and has a push-up method of getting the product out, whereas the Boots one only holds 6g of product and has a twist-up method which is much easier to get the product out. Obviously, the main ingredient used in both of these is witch hazel. The witch hazel plant has a long medicinal history, and is a great name to look out for on skincare (specifically spot fighting) products. This is partly because it tightens the skin when applied, helping to reduce re-infection and blood loss, helping to reduce redness and help the healing process. Witch Hazel is typically for oily/combination skin, as it does tend to dry out the area of the spot. I find the original witch stick much more wet when applied, so it takes a lot longer to dry. The Boots one feels almost completely dry, and is therefore a lot harder to rub on to blemishes. You can instantly feel the Original one getting to work, however i feel hardly anything with the boots version. Now onto the final part- the fighting of the spots, and for me the original one owns the medal for this. Almost immediately i can see a difference after i've applied it. I especially like applying it overnight, as it really has time to get to work. Although the Boots one also shows the same results, i just prefer the speediness of the original. Both of these are great for applying to new spots, or in places where you just have a feeling that a spot is coming through. I wouldn't recommend them if you want to use them on big break outs or acne, as i feel they only work on a nice big spot, not on lots of little ones.

The Witch Naturally Clear Blemish Stick retails for £2.09 in Boots & Superdrug, and the Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Blemish Stick retails for £2.59 in Boots.

Zazie x