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• A Bite at Brotzeit •

If you didn't already know, i grew up in Germany and lived there for 7 years. Although here in Singapore i love joining in on all the Asian culture, i love reliving my childhood by having a nice ol' german meal. So this lead to me and my family hopping into Brotzeit. Brotzeit is a chain of German restaurants here in Singapore, that literally make me feel like i'm back in Germany whenever i go there *sigh*. The food is absolutely delicious, although i will warn you that the portions are pretty big (for me anyway), so i normally go for just a starter. Yesterday i went for the Goulash Soup that came with some warm brown bread and also ordered a cheeky little bretzel for the side. All of it was very delish, and i would highly recommend you go have a nice meal at Brotzeit if you live in Singapore.

Zazie x