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• The Repurchase #1 •

It is no secret that people finish the products they love pretty quickly, including me. I went through the Body Shop's Satsuma Body Polish  much much faster than i expected, so i had to run back to the Body Shop to buy another one because i was honestly in love (as you can probably tell from the poor condition my old one is in..) I'm not going to lie, one of my favourite things about this is the amazing zesty satsuma scent which you immediately notice when you open it. However, it is also a really good scrub that i like to use as a shower gel, as it is foaming and the scent lingers quite long on your skin. It also makes my skin feel nice and smooth, and is quite a gentle scrub, and at £10 i think i will repurchase this in the future aswell! 

Zazie. x