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• Dry Lip Saviours •

I know a lot of you will probably, like me, suffer from dry and chapped lips during the colder months. Obviously, one of the main things to do is moisturise your lips, so i thought i'd share with you my favourite lip balms for the colder months.

When i just want to quickly apply some lip balm from the bullet before i'm out the door for example, i like to mostly use my Palmer's Cocoa Formula Dark Chocolate & Cherry Lip Butter which i did a full review on here, so go check that out for more information! This gives a nice gloss, so it's nice if i'm not wearing any lipstick, but don't want my lips to look dull. I also like to use my Paul Frank Lip Smackers, as they are so nicely scented- i have the candy floss and the coconut one, which both smell amazing. These do feel quite creamy but not at all heavy. I also have the pot version of it, which is also nice but i much prefer the stick form. Another lip balm that i love are the Body Shop Lip Butters. These are definitely the most creamiest, but i do find myself reapplying this a lot. Again, these come in wonderful scents, so i have to strain myself not to lick it off! I also have the Honeybronze Shimmer Lip Balm, also from The Body Shop. This one gives an ever so subtle shimmer to the lips, which is so so pretty, and still really moisturising. Now come the last two, which are my favourites. The first one is the Soap & Glory Great Kisser Lip Balm in Juicy Peach which is super moisturising and glossy, and tastes/smells so incredible! And finally, is my EOS Lipbalm. I must admit at the beginning i wasn't entirely sure on the hype about this, but it is honestly so easy to glide on and really is moisturising. I love popping this in my handbag- a definite handbag essential.

What are your favourite lip balms for the colder months? 

Zazie x