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• Best of: January •

Now that we've gotten into 2014, i've decided that i am going to reflect back on each month- not too emotionally, but just catch you guys up with some of my favourite (and your favourite) posts of the month. Occasionally i might let you guys in on some exciting things that may have happened in the month, but January has been pretty normal i guess. Anyway, back to this post!
I talked about my Top 3 Favourite Liquid Eyeliners, where i declared my love for my Topshop Magic Liner, might go as far as calling this my "holy-grail" eyeliner, despite Vivianna from ViviannaDoesMakeup giving it a thumbs down, i guess it works for some, and doesn't for others!
In my one and only lifestyle post this month i talked about the loving story that is 'About A Boy', and i think i persuaded a lot of you to go read this classic book!

I also let you guys in on some of my Current Skincare Loves, and a lot of you were intrigued to try the Body Shop Cleanser.. have any of you bought it yet? Do let me know below.

The OPI Nail Polish in Alpine Snow made an appearance in my Nail Polish post this month, where i talked about my love for plain white nail polish, and you guys seemed to agree with me. *imagines a room full of people nodding their heads*, why?!

Another Body Shop related post! I went a tad crazy and purchased four body butters in the Body Shop sales which i mentioned in my Body Shop Haul. #iblamethesales

Earlier this month i splurged a bit, despite promising to be on a spending ban, and treated myself to the NARS Alhambra Eyeshadow Duo. Such a stunning palette, but i must admit that i haven't had much chance to use this with school starting again and all of that- but i will find a time, don't you worry Alhambra.

I happened to find The Perfect Leather Boots while browsing around the sales in Topshop, and a lot of you seemed to like them! Beige, with a slight heel and perfect for the change between winter and spring.

In one of my most popular posts i compared the famous Real Techniques Buffing Brush with the Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush and a lot of you said you loved the cheaper option. I must admit i'm still craving the Expert Face Brush, but i have no idea why i keep putting off buying it! 

And last but by far not least i did a review-and-swatch post on the new Maybelline Colour Elixirs, or Lip Polishes as they are called here in Singapore. I'm pretty sure i wore the pretty pink shade almost every time i wore something other than lipbalm on my lips- once they come out in stores in England i suggest you go grab one. Immediately.

And that was it for my little overview post of January. Over the next month i hope to write a few more posts other than beauty, maybe a couple more skincare or fashion related, as i do want the content of my blog to be quite varied. (Any post suggestions are very welcome!) And February means one month closer to Summer!

I hope you enjoyed my posts this month, mwah!

Zazie x