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• What's in my: Sally Hansen Goodie Bag! •

After i wrote about the Sally Hansen event that i attended, i got a couple requests to say what i got in the goodie bag which i received, so here it is. 

These are the main things you received in the goodie bag. You also got a $15 Watsons Voucher, but i didn't snap a picture as it isn't really related to the rest of the things. We also got a nail file, an orange wood stick, a sally hansen towel, and the Sally Hansen Airbrush legs which i gave to my sister as i'm not so into tanning. 

Another thing i received was the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Hardener. You apply it like any other nail polish on to your bare nails and let it dry. The finish is very much like a base coat and it helps to have longer, stronger and harder nails. I've only used it once (during the workshop) and haven't really noticed much of a difference so far, but i'm sure if i use it more often i'll notice a difference.

You also received the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Nail Polish in Brilliant Blush 210. To be completely honest the colour is a really strange one, almost invisible but at the same time duo-chrome. It's just a really odd colour and i don't think i would've bought it on my own. However, the finish is really nice and doesn't chip at all, but to me it does all come down to the colour and i just don't like it.

The last thing i got is the Sally Hansen Nail and Cuticle Oil with Vitamin E. This is by far the favourite thing that came in the goodie bag. I must admit i've never really taken care of my nail cuticles properly as i never really noticed them that much. But i really like this! You apply it around your nail and on your cuticles and i feel them becoming more moisturised immediately!

Again i want to thank Sally Hansen for inviting Aerin and I to it, i really appreciate it! And i hope you guys enjoyed this blogpost as it was requested :)

Zazie x