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• LUSH Popcorn Lipscrub •

I've heard a couple of people talk about the lush lip scrubs, and when my sister bought one for us to share i was happy to try it out. 

She bought the Popcorn one, which to be honest i wasn't too happy about, as i really hate popcorn but i thought i'd give it a go anyway. The first thing i noticed was the smell.. it sure smells like popcorn which i personally hate but if you like popcorn, or the scent of popcorn then you'll probably like it! When applies to the lips it feel nice and sugary and it does tingle a bit which i like. And because LUSH products are all natural, you can even lick it off afterwards so no need for water! Again i didn't like the taste either, as it pretty much just tasted like popcorn, but it does leave my lips feeling really soft and smooth, like it says on the pot. My lips are often also cracked, and it left them feel soothed aswell. I generally love the fact that you can lick it off, as it does reassure you that there aren't any sneaky chemicals that are put inside.

But yeah, the only negative is the scent, so i'm probably going to go and by the bubblegum one, or the new santa one that came in for their christmas range, as i do love how it makes my lips feel.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you like the scent? 

Zazie x