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• Holy Grail Conditioner | Haircare Week •

Welcome to Haircare Week! Every weekday this week i will be writing a post about something hair related.
This is the TRESemmé Salon Silk Conditioner for dry, frizz prone hair- perfect for me. It's quite a thick formula and it really moisturises my hair, which i already notice whilst i'm in the shower. And when i get out my hair is so moisturised and soft and not tangled at all!

So today i'm going to start off with my holy grail conditioner. I personally have very dry, very frizzy hair which i hate. I go swimming a lot which is partly why my hair is so frizzy but i naturally have dry hair too. Most products tend to dry my hair out, so i had to find a conditioner that doesn't. 
 If you have frizzy hair like me, this would be perfect for you. I also like that it comes in a big salon size, and with a pump as it is so easy to use in the shower as there is no squeezing (if you know what i mean haha)

This conditioner is also pretty cheap- it costs £2.45 from Superdrug, which i think is such an amazing price! I would definitely recommend you go check it out if you have dry/frizzy hair, and if you don't, i'm sure they'll have a version for you!

Zazie x