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• Brand Rave: NATIO •

Recently i was in my local drugstore, and a skincare brand called 'NATIO' had a really good offer on. I was looking at the scrub, when a lady who worked there told me that it was on offer for only $10! (Equivalent to £5!) And, it gets better, she said that the second item you buy from the brand you get for $5!! (£2.50) I was so blown away by the price that i had to buy it, especially because it does look quite nice and professional and is alcohol free. And i was not disappointed by the actual product either.

After i did my research, i found out that NATIO is an Australian Skincare and Aromatherapy based brand. I hadn't really heard of it before but it did look like quite a high end brand to me. I know that products of the brand are available to buy in Debenhams in the UK and in selected SASA stores here in Singapore and other parts of Asia.

The first thing that i bought is the NATIO Wellness Body Scrub, that they describe as a 'invigorating sugar polish with apricot seed powder and antioxidant pomegranate'. It really does smell fresh and nice, although the scent is not too overpowering, which i like. It really is quite a coarse scrub and i really like it. I love the packaging too, it feels very high end haha! I would definitely recommend this, as it really does the job and i just think it's a really good product:)

The next thing i bought was the NATIO Gentle Skin Toner. It has rosewater and chamomile in it, which i really like as again it is a really subtle, light and not too overpowering scent. It does feel really gentle aswell. I like to apply it like any other toner- take a cotton pad, pour a bit of toner on to it and pat it around my face. The scent doesn't last on your face, but the nice fresh feeling does :)

Overall i'm really impressed by NATIO and will definitely try some more from the brand

Are you going to be trying some products from NATIO?! Let me know below! x

Zazie x