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• Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Range •

Seeing as we don't have a Boots here in Singapore, when i saw my local drugstore selling boots products, i was literally crying with happiness haha! I was looking for some spot treatments, as i have some pesky spots showing up, and when i saw these from Boots own brand, i had to go try them out!

They are from the tea tree & witch hazel collection, and all the products smell so wonderfully of tea tree oil (duh). The first thing is the Blemish Stick. I haven't tried it out yet, although i used to always use the original Witch Stick which comes in a blue packaging which i love and can immediately notice a difference, when applying it to my spot. I also bought the Cleansing & Toning Wipes, as i've sadly run out of my Nivea ones. (see previous blogpost) These tingle a bit on my skin, which i like as it does feel like it's doing something. The last thing, and probably the one i was most looking forward to, is the Spot Wand. It comes in a double sided tube, one side for nighttime, and the other for daytime. So far i've really been liking it, although my spots don't vanish as quickly as when i use the Witch Stick.

All these products are so so cheap, and definitely something you should keep an eye out for.

Zazie x