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• Cacti & Blog Chat •

My desk/dressing table was looking a little messy so I decided to give it a good tidy and put these three little cacti on it. Apart from that the last couple of weeks have been mainly me studying as the final week of school approaches, but I must admit most of that time has been spent procrastinating.

I've always been one of those people that gets satisfied crossing off chores on to-do lists, and I used to make my own for the weekends when I was younger, but recently I just feel very unproductive and distracted. From school to blogging I just am never in the mood and have been putting the latter off for a while. As I've mentioned in previous posts I can be a bit of a perfectionist at times and being motivated to blog has been something I'm not. Taking time away from the computer is something I really should be doing and taking a short break from blogging hasn't boosted my motivation nor given me inspiration. I've come up with a ton of post ideas and was really looking forward to sharing a few festive ones but I'm just not feeling all too festive myself. 

So where do I stand in this blogsphere? I only really want to publish posts that I'm 100% proud of and happy with and if that means posting infrequently and taking breaks over a longer period of time then I guess I'll do just that. I really hope you stick with me as I hope to slowly wriggle my way out of a blogging rut. 

Zazie x