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• A Sheerer, Milkier Fiji •

Now that the autumn months have rolled over I feel like I had to move aside my much used (and loved) Essie polish in Fiji that was painted on my nails for the majority of summer and post-summer months and bring on a more season appropriate shade. But, instead of going for those almost-black shades I decided to ease in with more of a nude colour. And I'm sure it's just coincidence that it's quite similar to Fiji..

Essie's Limo-scene looks like a nice pink toned nude - but it's so much more than that. If a few months ago you'd ask me if I wanted to try a sheer nail polish it would be a hands down no. Sheer lips, sheer base; yes! But sheer nail polish? That was out of the question. But my nails weren't feeling and looking that good and I thought that a polish like this would make them look good and let them breathe a bit. One layer of this gives a gorgeous sheer sheen to the nails that could be described as an almost there my-nails-but-better. To get the full shade you see on the tin you do have to build up around four coats but I love Limo-scene purely for this reason.

I know with a lot of people they don't really no what shade of nude suits them, so I think this would be a brilliant shade for that. It's definitely different to Fiji in many ways, but I do love them both just as much.

Do you think you'd like this shade?

Zazie x