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• The Checked Shirt •

I haven't seen Winter in over two years, but I must admit - I do miss it. Maybe not so much the cold, but I love throwing on a pair of jeans and a jumper and be all snug and good to go. But we don't have Winter here in Singapore, so I must deal with it.

Back to what this post is about though, I have picked up a new piece that could be worn on that one occasional Autumn day (or in Spring and Summer of course). I haven't worn a shirt of sorts in years, but when I saw this I immediately knew that I'd love it. The Topshop MOTO Crop Check Shirt has a really soft material, not at all shirt-like. It's sort of cropped-sort of not in the way that it's quite loose and will show some skin. It's a gorgeous blue shade that I did think would clash a bit with my typical denim dark wash shorts, but it looks great on most shades of denim and black. Plus, I got it in the sale which always makes me feel a little bit better.

It's also really comfortable and let's admit, we all would rather be that then worrying about what you're wearing. Let me know if you like these fashion-y posts, and I'll try to post some more (emphasise on the 'try' - we all know me!)

Zazie x