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• The 90's Nude Lip •

We've all seen the horrors of the nineties lip fashion; brown lip liners paired with a concealer looking lip colour, but some gals did pull it off more subtly. I've never been much of a nude lip wearing person - if I want to go natural, I go sheer - but recently for some reason I've been wearing it a ton and I realised how versatile it is. I think a brown nude can be quite scary and only suit some, but after trying it myself I realised it doesn't actually look that bad.

I've had Rimmels Kate Moss Lipstick* in 103 in my collection a while now, but because it looked like I slapped some concealer on my lips I decided to abandon it to the back of my drawer. However, I've been dabbing it on recently and adding some blush to it to make it a little more wearable until it struck me: why don't I just buy a lip liner to go underneath it? And so I found myself in the makeup isles of Topshop. Here I found the perfect lipliner. Topshop's Lip Liner in Ceramic is the perfect mixture of brown nude and pink that looks great on its own, or underneath 103. And I must say I'm totally loving the latter! The formula is really creamy yet longlasting that doesn't feel uncomfortable, and when layered with lipstick, keeps it in place all day.

I think a brown toned nude is an awesome alternative to the typical berries and purples that people are sporting this season, and it goes with almost any eyelook. Watch out the 90's - Zazie's coming to stay.

Zazie x