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• It's Kind Of A Funny Story •

I don't often right posts about books, but I'm really enjoying this one right now. I watched the film version of it a while ago and I really enjoyed it, so I wanted to pick up the book to read.

It's Kind Of A Funny Story revolves around a teenager called Craig who suffers from Depression. To be completely honest the whole soppy depression stories are not my thing, but this one takes a completely different side to it. It's funny, witty and is just real. I'm not going to reveal too much about the novel, but Craig ends up in a Mental Hospital and it just goes from there haha!

The author, Ned Vizzini spent some time in a psychiatric hospital himself, and so it's a really truthful story. I'd really recommend both the book and the film (although we both know which one is better).

Again, I apologise for not posting much this week, but I've had a lot of school work and felt a little uninspired.

Zazie x