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• One Toner, Many Benefits •

Toner was always a step I missed out in my skincare routine, purely because I couldn't be bothered. I also didn't see much use to it and just made me want to wash it off, especially when I didn't like the scent - I'm looking at you Rose Water. But, a while ago I picked up a slightly different toner, and it's a good one!

LUSH Tea Tree Toner comes in a spray bottle, which is probably my favourite aspect of it, as it's one of those spray-and-go steps in your routine. It feels so refreshing and cooling when sprayed on, which makes it great if you're living in a hot country. And because of the tea tree ingredients, it's also great to get rid of spots. I wouldn't say it completely diminishes them, but it just clears it out and does help to calm them down. If you are not a fan of the spritz mode (how could you not?!), then you can also spray this onto a cotton pad and use it like you would any other toner, and you also won't add too much.

I'm generally really impressed with this toner, and when I run out - which hopefully won't be too soon, I'll take a look at some other toners. And at £7.50, it definitely won't break your bank.

Zazie x