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• Brows, Brows, Brows •

If theres one makeup step I dislike the most, and find the hardest, it's eyebrows. Unfortunately I'm not naturally blessed with bold, dark eyebrows, but white blonde ones. Although they do have some thickness to them, the lack of colour makes them very hard to work with.

Whether you have blonde or brown hair, if it's ashy, it's hard to find eyebrow products that don't make your eyebrows look ginger or red toned. And because of my lack of colour, it's hard to make them look natural. And without any product, I look a little bit naked.

I thought I'd share with you some products I like to use, but I'd love for you to leave me your suggestions below.

The Eyeshadow
MAC Omega is your go. One I've mentioned on here several times - soft, ashy and one of the more natural looks when it comes to brows.

The Pencil
Maybelline's FashionBrow is the best I've tried. It's the ashiest brow product I own, but I do need a spooli on hand to comb through them afterwards.

The Gel
Another one from Maybelline, although initially Brow Drama was a complete fail, I think it's a great option for after you've applied your brow product and want to go a bit fuller. It's very pigmented and makes your brows look fuller and keeps them in place all day.

Zazie x