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• The Ultimelt •

The one part of my skincare routine that I truly do not look forward to, is removing my makeup. To me it just seems like a chore and not at all a luxury like other parts of my routine. But, it has to be done, and so I do look for different ways to do so so I can switch it up from time to time.

I've had my eye on Soap & Glory's Ultimelt for quite some time now, but I wanted to wait until I got back to the UK before I took the plunge. The Ultimelt is a hot cloth cleanser, so it comes with a handy little muslin cloth. It contains sweet almond, orange and lavender oils, which makes it amazingly scented. I find it to be quite a thick formula for a cleanser, but still massages the same. It both removes makeup really well (just that one blob above was enough for my entire face minus mascara, which is a pain to get off anyway!) as well as purifies the face leaving it nourished. I would say it makes a massive difference when removing it with a hot/warm cloth - it's definitely not just a scam like I expected!

I've definitely enjoyed using this to remove my makeup, however my cleansing oil from The Body Shop is a lot quicker. But, I would highly recommend it, especially when it's only £10.00.

Zazie x