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• Thoughts On Blogging •

You may have noticed the lack of posting combined with the several apologies for just that. I've been quite uninspired on the blog front lately, and I've seen people share their thoughts on the subject. I do like to go by the phrase 'Quality over quantity', as I do prefer to read a well written post accompanied by a good quality picture rather than a ton of average ones. But somehow I still manage to feel guilty after posting only once a week. When I'm happy with my content I generally feel happier in real life, which sounds a little weird, but I'm sure other bloggers will understand.

I've been putting off blogging a bit, and I know I should put effort in as it is something I really care about. My blog has grown a lot, and although it's been a slow and steady journey it is something I'm proud of, as I have worked really hard. And to throw that all away for the lack of inspiration seems a little bit foolish. For a long time I've been going back and forth on the subject, and I definitely want to change up my content a bit. I feel my content can be a little repetitive filled with reviews and what nots. On one hand I enjoy reading lifestyle related posts and have always wanted to write some more myself, but another part of me feels my blog has been doing just fine. I don't really know.

I just wanted to share my thoughts and feeling related to my blog with you guys, as I feel sometimes it's just a one-way relationship bloggers and their readers have - I write, you read - but I don't see it that way and I know that don't want it that way either. I'd like you, as a reader or fellow blogger to leave your thoughts on it below. I know that this blog will always have a special place in my heart - as cheesy as it sounds, and I know that most of this talk is all temporary.

Zazie x