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• Giving Dry Shampoo Another Try •

Since my last experience with dry shampoo (see here), I gave mine away, and have steered completely away from it. For months I did not understand the hype with the product - it just made my hair feel dry, smell pretty bad and feel really dirty.

I don't really get greasy hair and so I thought that this could be one of the reasons I didn't see any benefits, as it is meant to be used on second day/ third day hair that may be verging on greasy as it sort of soaks up the grease. However after many claiming it gives a bit of volume and texture to the hair I decided to give it another go.

The last one I tried was the hyped up Batiste, and I didn't want to get a more expensive one if I again, didn't like it. I got a little one in case it's another flop for me, despite it being quite cheap, but I did opt for the original version which has a slightly better scent.

I sprayed it into my roots and ruffled my hair a bit to give a messy but texturised feel. Although I could tell a slight difference, it was very little and not something I would worry about too much by adding into my routine. I think this probably works amazing if you get or have greasy hair, but for me it just doesn't do much.

Sadly, the second time round wasn't much better, but at £1.50 you definitely can't go wrong (unless like me you can go a few centuries without washing and still have hair as dry as straw..)

Zazie x