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• The Brow Gel NOT For Blondes •

I'm talking about natural blondes. Like light blondes with very light (invisible?) eyebrows ie. me. Being naturally blonde and having very blonde eyebrows it is so hard to find eyebrow products that give colour but not too much colour. I also don't want my eyebrows looking red or verging on ginger.

Despite finding my perfect brow product in the form of MAC's Omega (post on that here), I wanted to see if the drugstore had any to offer. I read a couple of rather negative reviews on Maybelline's Brow Drama, but they were saying that it didn't give enough colour for them, so I thought it would be great for me. I did buy the lightest shade, but it's still called Dark Blonde so I did know it was going to be a little too dark for me. It costs £5.99 and is available in both Boots and Superdrug.

The first thing I noticed about Maybelline's Brow Drama is the wand. It has a sort of ball top that makes it really hard to use on your brows. However, I went ahead and tried it out anyway. The minute I applied this to my eyebrows I knew it was a mistake. A thick brown colour came out leaving my eyebrows feeling stiff and sticky. The colour was way too dark for me and because the ball top is so big it was really hard to make it precise, especially if you have thin brows.

I've tried using it a bit more, and after hearing that Vivianna from ViviannaDoesMakeup tip that you should wipe a bit of it on a tissue and then lightly apply it, it definitely works better. The colour isn't as strong and it looks a lot more natural and like actual brow hairs. Although I have gotten it to use now, I do feel like I'm wasting product whenever I wipe it on a tissue and I kind of wish I bought Revlon's Brow Fantasy which is a similar product with a better wand and a lot better reviews.

Have you tried this?

Zazie x