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• Bits & Bobs •

During my recent trip back home, I couldn't resist going to Boots and picking up some goodies. Makeup and Skincare in general is so much cheaper in the UK, plus we don't have Rimmel in Singapore so I knew I was going to buy a couple of things.
I only have a few Essie polishes but I do really like the formula and the colour range is great. I've had my eye on Essie's Fiji for a while - a gorgeous pale pink shade. What i love about this shade is that in some lights it looks more white, while in others it looks more pink. It looks amazing with a tan, and I like to think this is the pink equivalent to Find Me An Oasis, which you all know is a summer staple of mine. I still had to pay £7.99, which is quite a lot for a nail polish, but I don't really have a shade like it, and Essie is hard to find in Singapore.

I was looking for a drugstore concealer, as I didn't want to use up my Nars one, so I picked up Rimmel's Wake Me Up Concealer. I'm a huge fan of the foundation, and I've read a couple of good reviews on it. It's a brightening concealer, so is perfect for under the eyes. It feels really light on the skin and gives a lovely finish and is an all round great concealer. 

I also wanted to pick up something from Soap & Glory, as the selection was much bigger and cheaper than here in Singapore. I spotted Bright Here, Bright Now, which is basically a brightening moisturiser. It makes your skin look nice and healthy, giving a slight natural glow. It's very subtle, but can be mixed in with your foundation. It's really nourishing and has a lovely minty scent that does go away once applied. 

Zazie x