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• What A Delight •

When it comes to perfumes, I find it really hard to describe the scents and make a blog post, but I just had to let you know of my summer scent as it truly smells amazing.

I think you've probably heard of Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume, along with other scents such as Dot, Lolita, etc. They're very hyped up, but I was never really too interested in them. However, when my mum bought me Daisy Delight for my birthday, of course I was going to use it.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Delight is described as "a playful surprise, a rush of pure happiness. An effervescent summertime palette of pleasure - fashionably fun and breezy." It really does smell nice and fresh and young, but not too young. It's not overpowering and proves great for summer. I like that it isn't sickly sweet or overly floral, just something in between. It has top notes of freesia, quince flower and apple which make a youthful scent, middle notes of gardenia, iris and peonies for a slightly more sophisticated scent and bottom notes of musks and cedarwood to strengthen the overall scent.

I'm quite in love with this scent and only a few spritzes area enough for me. I know they recently came out with a 'Daisy Dream', which comes in an adorable bottle by the way, but Delight is the one for me.

Zazie x