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• Summer Essentials •

Apart from the typical summer essentials - sun cream, money?, passport, etc. there are some that, this season, are almost just as essential as them.. almost. In the summer time I like my makeup to be hassle free, natural and effortless. Although on some days I like doing the whole hog, this summer I'm reaching for these products that are so quick to throw into your beach bag.

The majority of us do not tan, and so bronzer is our bestie. I've never tried fake tan and I'm always a little wary of turning into an oompa loompa, but with a bronzer you can't go too overboard. Plus, if you have the Body Shop's Honey Bronzer, you are almost certain this won't happen. It's quite sheer but also quite a light bronzer both in shade and formula. It also looks really natural and is definitely a summer staple for me this year.

When it comes to eyeshadows during the summer time, I like to keep things very simple. A natural look is perfect for the summer and also leaves you not having to worry about your eye makeup, especially if you're going to be at a beach or somewhere hot. NARS Eyeshadow Duo's aren't the most pigmented, but give just the right colour I want. The combo of the two rose gold and pure gold shades in Alhambra are perfect for summer nights.

The list of summer lip colours are endless. Anything from a pale pink to a bright red to a light nude is acceptable in this season, so it's a great time to experiment with different shades. However, when I want to keep things simple I love a nice sheer lip. I've talked about my love for them before, but that was before I found the perfect one, in the form of Dior Addict Lipstick in Wonderland. It's a gorgeous bright pink shade without being neon or too young, but still being girly. The formula is sheer, but also buildable with a lovely shine finish. If you are more into opaque formulas, they also have and Extreme version, and if you're into liquid lipsticks they also have one of them too. Dior is totally doing it right this season, and I'm loving Wonderland to bits.

So that's that. My summer essentials that you will most probably see me sporting this season. What are your essentials?

Zazie x