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• Tickle Me Pink •

I'm sorry, but I had to name this post after the hilarious shade name. If you are a long time reader you may remember me using hair chalk last year. I do really want to go pink for the summer, but I thought this would be a fun way to start off. 
The Body Shop's Hair Chalk in Tickle Me Pink is a gorgeous bright pink shade. You get around 4g of product in the little pot and for £5 that's quite good. Although in the UK you can buy pink hair dyes that last a lot longer than chalks for that price, but in Singapore it's a different matter. It does take a few hard rubs to transfer colour, and you definitely won't get a fully opaque colour. It does transfer quite easily on your skin (see here), and comes out in one wash, but it does say you can seal it with hairspray.

Hair chalks in general i find quite drying on my hair, so it's definitely not something i would do everyday. But, it is a fun idea to do once in a while, especially if you have the time - and effort.

Zazie x