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• The Primer: Maybelline vs. Smashbox •

If theres one makeup product that i probably have zero experience in is primers. I'm all for eye primers that conceal redness and veins on the lids, but even clear eye primers i didn't understand. Because i'm not a regular foundation wearer, i never saw the use of primers. It just seemed like an extra step in my makeup routine that i wasn't too willing to make. The typical use of a primer is to make your makeup last all day, and i felt it already did just that without it. Plus any primer i tested in Sephora felt greasy or simply something i wouldn't want to put near my face.

I had a mini of the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer in my collection for nearly a year without using it. I'd tested it on my hand, but decided not to test it any further. I've seen several different primers from Smashbox, each with different uses that did seem a bit more intriguing than this one, for they had more properties than just making your makeup last.

When i got sent Maybelline's Baby Skin Primer* a few months back i wasn't too excited. I heard mixed reviews about it, but i was interested in its claims of minimising pores. You may see the packaging slightly different in the UK, but both have the same amount of product in it. Baby Skin has been compared to Benefit's Porefessional, which i haven't tried, but i do find BS to be very similar to the Smashbox one.

Both primers are smooth in consistency and have the silicone type feel to them. The Smashbox version is a lot more creamier and moisturising but feels a lot heavier on the skin compared to the lightweight Maybelline one. They both smooth out your skin and aren't sticky at all. The full sized Smashbox primer has 30ml in it whereas the Maybelline one has 22ml. The prices however have a vast difference - Baby Skin costs a mere £7.99 compared to the £25 of the Smashbox one. For me, they are both very similar, but i must say i probably prefer the Maybelline one as it just feels a lot lighter on the skin, so it doesn't feel like you have loads of layers on, plus it's a lot cheaper.

Zazie x
*PR Sample